Variety is the Key to Fitness Results!

Mix up your workouts to achieve killer fitness results!

We’ve all heard the phrase, “variety is the spice of life,” and the same goes for your fitness results.

Beyond fending off yawn-inducing boredom, mixing up your workouts prevents plateaus by constantly challenging your muscles and making sure that you exercise every single muscle in your – enabling you to achieve fitness results.  Faster!

Your body will thank you.  Literally.

Stronger, more defined muscles.  Better cardiovascular endurance.  Improved flexibility.  Killer abs.  A passing report card at your next doctor’s visit.  And the beat goes on…

The secret to better fitness results is variety through cross training.

Love cardio?  Awesome!  Check out one of our muscle-burning classes like BodyPump or Sculpt & Tone to get your strength training on, too.

Think Hatha Yoga is the best thing since sliced bread?  No argument here, but you should also throw in a bit of HIIT training like Interval XT or Tabata Bootcamp to get a killer cardio workout that’ll do wonders for your heart health.

(No)body likes to be put in a box (least of all your workouts) and our class schedule provides an awesome mix of cardio, strength training, balance and flexibility, toning and sculpting options to keep you so far out of the box that you might as well recycle it.

Now is the time.  Our studio is the place.  Unleash your sweat equity like never before and reap your best fitness results ever.

With more than 50 group fitness classes offered weekly, plus Pilates Reformer and Personal Training, our studio is a one-stop, fitness smorgasbord designed to get you into your best shape ever.


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