BODYCOMBAT delivers insane results – without gloves or equipment.

Featuring Karate, Kung Fu, kickboxing and other mixed martial arts moves – this high-octane class is designed to torch crazy calories and burn fat.

Take a BODYCOMBAT class!

fitness kick

Get into knockout shape                                                                                      The sweat will run.  Your breathing will quicken.  And, the results will keep on comin’!

Step into a fighter’s stance as you kick-punch-jab-hook your way to a stronger core, leaner muscles, better flexibility and increased cardio endurance.

How?  Our highly-trained BODYCOMBAT instructors will walk you, step-by-step, through each martial arts and kickboxing move – ensuring that you have the correct posture and stance to maximize results.  The class is taught in a multi-level format, with the instructor providing different levels of intensity so that beginners and “seasoned exercisers” alike get the best workout ever.

Right hook

The whoooole body gets lit                                                                                                            We know.  The name gave it away: BODY COMBAT

So, here’s the thing, your entire body gets lit up in this workout.  You don’t just throw punches and kicks.  Your body swivels, your core braces, your back and shoulders engage.  Your biceps, triceps and hamstrings sizzle.  And your glutes… your glutes scream, “Top of the morning!”  This class delivers on every single level and we’re with you every kick of the way.

We dare you to try it.

Get into knockout shape!


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