BODYSTEP is the ultimate step aerobics class… on steroids.

Get ready to burn 600 calories (or more) in this high-energy, Les Mills class.

Take a BODYSTEP™ Class!

Featuring lunges, push ups, burpees, ab exercises, squats and more – BODYSTEP is a total-body toning class that uses step aerobics to provide an intense cardio boost.Step aerobics squat  Set to fun music and led by certified Les Mills instructors, BODYSTEP will push your limits and help you reach new heights.  Every time your foot hits the step.

Ideal for all fitness levels and abilities, BODYSTEP’s calorie-torching workout provides different levels of intensity to ensure everyone gets a great workout.

Why your abs will love BODYSTEP, too!

BODYSTEP might be an intense cardiovascular workout, but it doesn’t end there.

Step aerobics jumpBetween the plyometric cardio moves, lower body workouts and weighted plate exercises, BODYSTEP continuously engages your core with every move.  Annnnd, an engaged core means your abs are flexing their muscles – getting a good workout while you get your step aerobics on.  Read more about the benefits of step aerobics, here.                                                 

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