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Our fun and encouraging fitness instructors will keep you on your toes as they push you to reach your personal best with cardio drills, strength training moves and ab exercises in this circuit-style class. 

Why Boot Camp Rocks

Not only will you never get bored, this class incorporates several different exercise formats to increase your calorie burn, lean muscle mass and weight loss – which all translate to “results”.

How?  It’s all about variation, my friends!  The more you mix-up your workouts, the more it challenges your body – pushing you to recruit as many muscle groups as possible with each exercise.  And it’s those fitness challenges that produce results – faster.  Read more about how variety is the key to results, here.


Bootcamp Plyo Boxes

Get to Know the Equipment

You’ll burn fat and build lean muscle using the following fitness equipment, and more, during class:

  • Plyo boxes – Various level wooden/steel boxes used for plyometric cardio exercises
  • Slam balls – Weighted rubber balls for strength training moves
  • Battle ropes – Thick, weighted ropes used in cardio and toning workouts

Bootcamp Exercises


Rev up your fitness results in our Boot Camp!

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