Fit Barre

Low Impact, High Results

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Fit Barre will reshape your body! Class emphasizes Pilates principles while using isometric exercises – meaning holding a position or weight over time with little or no movement. A simple way to explain the Pilates principle is you’ll strengthen then stretch each muscle group.  By stretching after each strength move, you will maintain flexibility and range of motion in your joints.  This “strengthen & stretch” technique creates long, lean muscle definition.

With consistent practice you will also improve balance and develop better posture and symmetry throughout your body. Simple choreography and clear instruction make this an accessible class to beginners and advanced students alike. Class uses small exercise balls, light weights, Pilates exercise ring and resistance tubing. Come enjoy the workout of a dancer and the benefits of Pilates all in one.

While Fit Barre uses some ballet-based exercises and movement patterns, no dance experience is required. A special note to men considering this class: would you like the quads of some famous male ballet dancers like Baryshnikov? He sculpted those powerful legs and core through ballet. By attending 2-3 classes weekly, you too can reshape your legs, butt, core and arms!

Please note: Fit Barre workouts are done without shoes. We recommend wearing socks that have non-slip soles.

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