TRX+Spin+Strength is a combination class that fuses the toning and muscle building exercises of TRX and strength training with the calorie-shredding burn of Spin.  One class, three ways to get fit.


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What is TRX?

TRX Suspension Training is a total-body workout that uses specially designed suspension straps to perform a variety of bodyweight exercises that improve balance, flexibility, strength and core stability simultaneously.  Lunges, push ups, plyometric moves, biceps curls and much more can be done using the TRX straps.  No other equipment is necessary.  The difficulty level of each TRX exercise is based how you hold the straps and your foot placement – making it a customizable workout for all fitness levels.


Spinning intervals takes this combo class up a notch by providing an intense calorie burn in a low-impact way.  With jumps, sprints, climbs and hills, your heart rate will soar as you put the pedal to the metal.


We keep the challenges coming by incorporating various strength training exercises into the class.  Using Bosu balls, various weights, resistance bands and more you will define lean, long muscles as you increase your strength.

Benefits of combination fitness classes

Three words: total-body workout.  Incorporating different types of exercises into one fitness class challenges you to work every muscle group.  The more muscles you recruit in a workout, the more calories (i.e. fat) you burn – and the gains don’t stop there.  By changing things up and working out in different ways (“muscle confusion”) you “keep the muscles guessing and prevent the natural adaptation process that occurs when you consistently do the same workout.”  Combining multiple types of exercises into one fitness class prevents your muscles from getting lazy – forcing them to constantly engage which reaps results.  Faster.

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