WERQ Dance Fitness

WERQ® is a fiercely fun, dance-based fitness class that will have you dancing calories away to pop, rock and hip hop music! Easy to follow and great for all ages and fitness levels.

Dance fitness has evolved from the tights and leg warmer jazzercise days of the eighties, to the step craze in the nineties where dance fitness choreography took on the step, to the Zumba parties over the last decade. What has remained stable? Dancing is fun! And doesn’t feel like a workout. That’s why it’s still around today.

Straight outta Chi-town, comes WERQ. A new dance fitness format that ups the intensity without complicating the dance moves. Bring in today’s top beats and you have a dance fitness class that will have you car dancing when your favorite WERQ song comes on.

Everybody likes to move to fun, energizing songs – no matter your age! WERQ Dance Fitness class are filled with all generations. The only thing you need is your love of dance.

Now the fitness part – dancing burns calories, shapes your legs and core, and improves your lung and heart function.

Try a class and become a…


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