Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

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For all students. Hatha Yoga fitness improves muscle tone, strength and stamina. With regular practice, you will increase flexibility, reduce stress and tension, and improve balance. Hatha Yoga is for all bodies, those new to practice, after illness, and pre or post surgery (with physician approval).  Hatha Yoga is also ideal for those wanting to come back to a more active lifestyle.

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Hatha Yoga for Back Health

Many physicians and physical therapists recommend yoga to improve back health due to the combination of strengthening weak core muscles and improving flexibility in glute and hamstrings.

Our Hatha Yoga classes incorporate poses and moves that target the deep core muscles. Strong core muscles lead to improved posture and balance, which often helps alleviate back pain.

Come experience your Hatha Yoga practice in a whole new way!

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