The Best Glutes Workout

TRX lunge

Shape your booty, thighs and hips in our TRX+Glutes Circuit class!

We’ve mixed and matched the best derrière-sculpting exercises to bring you a circuit class that’s all about that bass, bout that bass.  No treble.

Firm That Booty!

weighted curtsy lungeIt’s the booty workout that keeps on giving!donkey kick exercise

Yep, this class has a special focus on glutes, but it also cross trains the entire body!  Using the TRX Suspension Trainer, weights, resistance tubing and body weight-based exercises, this multi-dimensional class moves you through circuits that work your entire body while keeping your glutes engaged for maximum results. #bootygains

No more droopy butt! Perk up those lazy bums by doing a glutes workout at least once per week. By building stronger glute muscles, you’ll improve your performance in other exercises classes and in daily activities like walking, biking, and all types of sports.

Because a strong booty is about more than looking good.

We allll want to look good walking away, but a firm and toned booty is important to moving through everyday life.  How?

Because glutes are the LARGEST and STRONGEST muscle group in your entire body.three glutes muscles

You read that right. Comprised of three zones, glutes are responsible for getting you up those stairs, lugging groceries, chasing your dog, sitting at the desk and a slew of others.  Every activity you do that requires mobility actively engages your the glutes.  And the stronger your glutes the better they are at taking on the load of performing daily, functional activities.

That’s why it’s important to work each section of your glutes for a well rounded (pun intended!) and strong rear.  And, our circuit, glutes workout hits each and every inch

Another bonus of having a strong derrière is injury prevention. Lower back pain, achy knees and more can be eliminated or alleviated by increasing your glute strength.  Strong glutes keep your hips and other, lower body joints in alignment, reducing the strain that hip bridge with resistance bandmisaligned muscles/tendons can create.   Click here for more info about why strong glutes matter!

Join us every Wednesday at 9:30am and 6:30pm for a booty-sculpting TRX+Glutes Circuit Workout!

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