Triple Threat

boot camp workouts

Get fit like never before with three HIIT exercise formats in one class!

Triple Threat combines 20 minutes of boot camp, kickboxing and sculpting exercises to kick your calorie shred and fat-burning into overdrive.


forearm plank

The Boot Camp

Brace yourself (and your abs!) for everything but the kitchen sink!  We’re going full-throttle in the boot camp portion of Triple Threat with high-energy, body weight-based toning, athletic HIIT exercise moves and more!

Boxing and plyo boxes workout

Get into fighting shape as you punch, kick, jab and cross your way to a total-body sweat sesh!  Using Title boxing bags as your target (air boxing is an option, too!), you’ll increase your fitness while ramping up your heart rate and torching major calories.

Sculptingfree weights

Juuuust when you think it’s over: we’re sculpting!

With hand weights and body weight-based moves, we’ll burn out your biceps, triceps, shoulders, thighs, glutes, abs – and everything else.  Every muscle group gets their time to work and shine with our low-impact, toning exercises.

Alarm clock and fitness equipmentEarly morning workouts are SO worth it!

We know that hitting the snooze button and staying in bed is tempting, but trust us: zero-dark-thirty workouts have major benefits:

  • You’ll start the day with more energy
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Be more active all day long
  • Curb unnecessary calorie consumption
  • Build muscles more efficiently
  • Protect yourself from diabetes
  • And the benefits don’t end there, check out what other perks you can expect, just by exercising first thing in the morning

Need help getting out of bed? Here are some tips to making your early morning workout dreams a reality!

Join us every Friday at 5:45am for a three-in-one workout that delivers results!

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