Maddie lost close to 50lbs!

Find out how Personal Training helped Maddie transform her body and life!

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Prior to joining Mid American, I didn’t workout regularly. I would go through short spurts of working out, but nothing that would last longer than a month or so.  I decided to seek out personal training because I knew I needed to have an “appointment” in order to get me to go, otherwise I would just make up another excuse not to get up and go.  For me, the hardest thing about getting started was just making the initial phone call, once I did that and had my first appointment, I was immediately more comfortable.

Since I began personal training I have been able to lose close to 50lbs, gained a lot more energy, and an overall better attitude about myself.  I was able to gain back a lot of the confidence I lost after gaining so much weight when I was pregnant with my son.

I’ve found that being accountable with my training sessions has also kept me more accountable for the food decisions that I make. Ericka [my trainer] would never make me feel badly if I chose to have a cheat day, or weekend; but would just say, “Today is a new day and let’s eat clean”. Ericka and I also talk a lot about different recipes and dinner ideas which helps to inspire some of my meals.

For anyone considering personal training, my advice would be to just take that first step and make the phone call or take a tour.  Take it one day at a time, try to make Healthy living diagramhealthy choices, and don’t beat yourself up if you have a “slip up” – just remember that tomorrow is a new day to make better choices!

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Kellie ditched the dieting rollercoaster and lost 13lbs!

From yo-yo dieting to healthy habits, read how Kellie completely changed her life and mindset surrounding food with Balanced Habits KICK START!

“I saw ounces of weight dropping from the very beginning. My butt was noticeably getting smaller and seeing the results on my personal scale was very encouraging!”

I signed up for KICK START because other diet plans weren’t working.  Prior to KICK START, I’d tried Weight Watchers and followed the plan and would weigh in, but the person behind the counter didn’t know me and I didn’t feel like either of us were really invested in my weight loss.  I also tried losing on my own, but would go right back to my starting weight.  I finally hit a wall where I knew I had to start losing weight.  Diabetes runs in my family and I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancies. My AIC was in the low 6’s and creeping up. I knew I didn’t have any more time to simply think about losing weight.  I had to take action.  Karen mentioned the 28-day program and I knew I had to give it a try. 

“During KICK START, I lost 8lbs and several inches! Coming to the studio each week and seeing my lower weight recorded was awesome!”

The easiest part about sticking with the program were the meals— quantities and timing are planned for you. The healthy, “Pack and Go” food list was very helpful since I work full-time. I was never worried about meeting with my coach, Bridget, if I ate more than I should have.  Attending special outings like birthdays and graduation parties weren’t always easy, and sometimes I would find myself overeating, but unlike other diets which would have been difficult to go back to, it was easy to jump back into better habits with KICK START.  My coach was very helpful in offering advice and looking at just a couple ways to get back on track. I felt accountable yet comfortable talking to Bridget.  She knew my story and my goals, and only had positive feedback and specific ideas to help my specific situation.  The process wasn’t overwhelming at all. 

“When KICK START ended, I took a month “off”—loosely sticking to the nutrition plan—and I still maintained my weight loss. This proved to me that it worked. The lifestyle changes were becoming a habit, and not a ‘diet’. From there, I decided to join the LIFE nutrition program for 6 months for the emotional support and accountability, and I lost another 5lbs!”

For those considering KICK START, I’d say to give it a try.  Before this program, I would diet and lose a handful of pounds then one poor food choice would derail me (going out to lunch with co-workers).  I would tell myself, “I blew lunch, so I might as well start the diet over again tomorrow” and would overeat at dinner, too.  If the next day was Friday, I’d tell myself, “Start on Monday, give yourself the weekend,” then I would put the weight back on and a few months later try again with the same results.   

During KICK START, I had an “ah-ha!” moment…  I was at lunch on a Thursday with a co-worker who had the same diet patterns I was fixing with the 28-day program.  I was waiting in line at the cafeteria for grilled chicken, and my co-worker ordered chicken tenders and fries.  I didn’t say anything, and she must have felt like she needed to, because she turned and said to me, “I’ll start my diet again on Monday.”

“Listening to my co-worker, I realized that she was the old me and I was no longer that person!  My healthy eating was no longer something that I had to actively decide.  It was truly a habit!”

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Leslie lost 16lbs with our nutrition program!

Read Leslie’s firsthand account about how she was able to lose weight and create a healthy, sustainable routine with Balanced Habits KICK START!

I feel much better overall and I’m encouraged by the changes I’m seeing in my body, and by the fact that I’m able to start wearing some clothes I haven’t worn in quite some time!”

Prior to KICK START, over the past two years, I gained weight and gotten really out of shape.  I tried to lose weight on my own and did lose some, but usually gained it back.  KICK START came at a good time for my schedule, and I was intrigued by its claim that it could help “reset” my metabolism, as I felt that was something I really needed. 

“I was pretty skeptical that the program would work, but it has!  I’ve lost 16 pounds, and I’m slowly but surely getting back into shape. I think losing the weight, plus having to get into something of a routine helped me get into a healthy routine in other areas of my life, such as working out.”

During the program, you eat real food and honestly, I was rarely ever hungry.  You actually get a lot of food, sometimes maybe more than you might want to eat.  I do much better when I have a “routine”, and this program definitely requires that.  You eat at specific times, so you have to plan ahead and think about when you’ll be eating.  It isn’t hard, but it takes time and planning. 

One of the things I really enjoyed about KICK START were the recipes.  I like to cook and I like variety in the food I eat, so I liked trying the recipes—many of them were really good!  And, in addition to eating guidelines, you’ll get recommendations on how much exercise to do each week.  It isn’t a crazy amount, and this also really helped me get back into a good routine.  It also helped that I had to weigh-in regularly and “check-in” with my food coach. When someone else is monitoring your progress, there’s just a little extra incentive to stick with it!

I really think there’s something different about this program.  I think it does reset your metabolism, and you never really feel deprived.  I still have a ways to go, but I feel like I’m definitely on the right track, and that I have the tools to get me where I want to be!”

For anyone considering KICK START, I say try it and see what you think.  It’s just 28 days and I think we can all stick to something for that long.  But, I would also say it’s important to try to start it during a time when you can devote some attention and focus to sticking to it.

“As for me, after KICK START, I opted to continue with the LIFE nutrition program, and I am continuing to lose weight!  I have always struggled with my weight and I’ve tried many different approaches to lose weight.  This approach is different, and I truly believe it’s something I can continue doing for the rest of my life!”

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Personal Training Helped Shelley Win 1st Place!

Thanks to Shelley’s Personal Training and Pilates Reformer regimen, she won 1st Place at the 2018 Motown Showdown Dance Competition!  Read her experience in her own words!

Shelley at the Motown Showdown Dance Competition with her dance instructor, Glenn.

Shelley competing at the Motown Showdown.

Before joining Mid American, my only workouts were ballroom dance lessons.  As a larger female, I don’t often have an opportunity to feel graceful. But when I dance, I do feel graceful and that’s why I started taking lessons.

I sought out an exercise regimen because I needed more endurance for dancing and I needed to strengthen muscles that I wouldn’t ordinarily use.  When I found Mid American, I began private Personal Training with Terry  and Pilates Reformer Training with Rachel – and it’s paid off!  My dance instructor could tell a difference in my dancing within a few weeks. And, I entered my first ballroom competition, The Motown Showdown, and took first place!

Shelley holding her 1st Place plaque, alongside her Personal Trainer, Terry.

Working out with both Terry and Rachel has been a huge help—it’s definitely a team effort.  Once my dance instructor shows me a new move or step,  I’ll show Rachel and Terry so they know what to focus on.  I’m stronger, have more endurance, and greater flexibility thanks to them.

I’ve gotten such great results that my husband began doing Pilates Reformer and regained shoulder mobility he’d lost over 20 years ago!  Needless to say, he’s been thrilled with his results, too.

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