“It’s so awesome to be back in control!”

From somewhat skeptic to full-on believer, Mary Anne took control of her eating habits with our 28-day nutrition program – and lost 15lbs and dropped her cholesterol by 10 points!

“I have my mojo back… It’s so awesome to be in control!”

I signed up for KICK START because I had been gaining weight.  Not only was I eating unhealthy food, but I was also eating way too much and I just couldn’t get back on track.  I’d lost my mojo and needed some motivation.

“I am very pleased with my results!  During KICK START, I lost 10lbs, 7in, and could definitely tell a big difference in how my clothes fit. Plus, I had my annual physical a week after the program ended, and my cholesterol was down 10 points. So happy about this!  Since KICK START ended, I’ve lost an another 5lbs; for a total of 15lbs lost!”

What I loved most about the program was the camaraderie and accountability—knowing I had to get on the scale, in front of another person, Healthy food groups on a plateand face the music.  The nutrition habits do take some time to get used to.  I definitely had to plan and prepare food choices ahead of time to stay on track, but the KICK START recipes were great.  In fact, I’m still using many of those same recipes today!  The success I had on this program has given me the motivation to keep going. I still have a fair amount of weight to lose, but I am determined to stick with the program.

“If you’re in a rut, KICK START is a good way to get motivated to make improvements in your life and health. It’s all about how badly you want it, and how much effort you’re willing to put in. The important thing to remember is that it’s only 28 days – and anyone can stick to a program for 28 days. It goes by fast!”

Mary Anne smilingI’ll admit—I was somewhat skeptical about KICK START at first, but I am so happy I did it. I really feel like I have some control of my eating habits now; especially portion control. I find I need a lot less food to be satisfied than when I was previously eating.  It’s all good – I’m on the road to better health!

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