Maddie lost close to 50lbs!

Find out how Personal Training helped Maddie transform her body and life!

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Prior to joining Mid American, I didn’t workout regularly. I would go through short spurts of working out, but nothing that would last longer than a month or so.  I decided to seek out personal training because I knew I needed to have an “appointment” in order to get me to go, otherwise I would just make up another excuse not to get up and go.  For me, the hardest thing about getting started was just making the initial phone call, once I did that and had my first appointment, I was immediately more comfortable.

Since I began personal training I have been able to lose close to 50lbs, gained a lot more energy, and an overall better attitude about myself.  I was able to gain back a lot of the confidence I lost after gaining so much weight when I was pregnant with my son.

I’ve found that being accountable with my training sessions has also kept me more accountable for the food decisions that I make. Ericka [my trainer] would never make me feel badly if I chose to have a cheat day, or weekend; but would just say, “Today is a new day and let’s eat clean”. Ericka and I also talk a lot about different recipes and dinner ideas which helps to inspire some of my meals.

For anyone considering personal training, my advice would be to just take that first step and make the phone call or take a tour.  Take it one day at a time, try to make Healthy living diagramhealthy choices, and don’t beat yourself up if you have a “slip up” – just remember that tomorrow is a new day to make better choices!

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