Member Success Story: Rosemary Cairns

Rosemary began taking fitness classes at our studio in 2013.  As a breast cancer survivor, she has committed to making healthy-living a priority.Before Rosemary began taking classes at Mid American Fitness she didn’t have much of a workout routine and it was at the nudging of some friends that she broke out the sneakers.  “I had two friends that started working out and I decided to join them,” Rosemary recalls, “Unfortunately, I didn’t care for the facility where they were taking classes, so I started looking online.”Enter:  Mid American Fitness.

After trying a few fitness classes at our studio, Rosemary was hooked.  “I felt very welcome by the staff, instructors, everyone really!” It was that atmosphere that kept Rosemary coming back – that and the upbeat classes.  “I feel so much better after class… well, after I start breathing again!” she notes, “But, it is so much easier, and even fun, to workout with everyone.  Taking classes with others definitely keeps you motivated.”

In addition to group fitness classes, Rosemary participated in one of our Fat Blast Challenges. During the Challenge, she lost 15lbs, shed three inches from her waist and dropped two full sizes.  “As much as I was afraid to sign up for the Fat Blast Challenge, I sure am happy I did!” she says, “It helped me start losing weight the healthy way.  Plus, the nutrition aspect of the Challenge was great!  I feel like I’ve made some life-long eating changes.”

Looking ahead, Rosemary is excited to continue reaching towards her weight-loss and toning goals!

Now is your time! What goals do you want to achieve?

Our fitness classes, custom nutrition plans, and training options can help get you on the right path!


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