Increase your results with the MyZone fitness tracker!

MYZONE's fitness tracker will get you into your "results" zone - guaranteed!

Cost: $99

Purchase your belt online and pick it up from the welcome desk!

Or, stop by the desk to try a FREE demo belt the next time you exercise with us!

Start tracking your sweat equity and achieve the results you’ve always wanted with MYZONE’s state-of-the-art heart rate monitor!

  • Tracks your calorie burn, effort, and heart-rate in real-time… No more “guesswork”, you’ll know how hard you’re working and can step it up, or take it down a notch.
  • Delivers your results on our in-studio screens and directly to the MYZONE app on your smartphone… See your results and track your progress to reach your goals.
  • You can use it anywhere – it tracks your effort output no matter when/where you workout… Bike riding, snowshoeing, and hiking approved!
  • Chest strap design has a 99.4% accuracy to an EKG machine… Delivers more accurate results than traditional wrist strap trackers.
  • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery…  Like, Energizer Bunny on steroids long-lasting.

How it works

MYZONE’s heart rate monitor seamlessly tracks your progress with every heartbeat as you workout, giving you more accurate results in real-time on our custom-designed, effort-tracking screens and via the MYZONE app on your smartphone.

Using color-coded MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), your personal results are easy to decipher.  Each MEP corresponds to the amount of sweat equity you’re putting out during class (or wherever you’re working out).

No equipment HIIT class

Only in the gray zone?  This must be your warm-up.  Hitting the green?  We see the sweat starting to drip.  Kicking it into red?  Whoa.  You must be in it to win it!   Learn more about MEPs here.

To get in your zone and start seeing the fitness results you want, purchase a MYZONE belt, download the MYZONE app.  And let it seamlessly track your effort while you sweat it out!

Why you should use a heart rate monitor

Sweat dripping down your face.  Can’t catch your breath.  Surely that means you’ve been kicking exercise butt.

But, maybe not…

If you don’t use a heart rate monitor, you might be overestimating how hard you’ve been working.  Studies have shown that people tend to inaccurately judge how hard they’ve been exercising which can lead to overeating (“I burned a ton of calories so I deserve these donuts!”) and that’s counterproductive, especially if weight-management is the goal.  And it’s a fact that tracking your progress in real-time is a great motivator to push yourself harder than you normally would because, hey, why am I only in the blue??

Start tracking your effort to see the results you want!

MyZone Belts: $99

*Purchase it online and pick it up at the welcome desk!

Or, visit the desk to try a FREE demo belt the next time you workout with us!