Marian said “farewell” to 17lbs with our nutrition program!

Find out how Marian was able to lose weight, even while on vacation, with our 28-day, custom nutrition and program!

Woman on vacation in Jordan

“I first noticed weight coming off my waistline…”

Fish and veggie mealI signed up for the 28-day KICK START because I thought it might be a lifestyle of eating that I could follow, and I wanted to lose some weight and have more energy.  When I began the KICK START I was actually on vacation, but, surprisingly, was still able to lose weight.  I first noticed a bit of weight coming off my waistline and a pair of pants that I liked started to fit better!

At the end of the  program, I’d lost a little over 7 pounds and I’ve been able to maintain the clean-eating habits!

weight scale with tape measurerIn fact, not long after KICK START ended, I took a trip to Jordan and was able to stick (for the most part) to my KICK START habits.  Being away from home, and not having access to the food I was used to eating, posed a bit of a challenge, but when I returned home I discovered I’d lost another 3 pounds!

“Between the KICK START program and adhering to its clean-eating framework afterwards, I’ve lost a total of 17lbs and dropped a pants size in just 2 1/2 months!”

motivational wordsThe easiest part about following this nutrition plan is that I’m able to eat foods that I like anyhow – real foods, not processed.  I also really like not counting points or calories.  And, I’ve gotten used to watching my portion sizes, remembering all the water, and using [KICK START] “Pack-N-Go” food choices for easy and healthy options when I’m out and about.

To anyone who’s hesitant to give the KICK START a try, I’d say if you don’t want to count calories/points and you can read protein, fats, and carbs on labels, you will be able to figure out your meals. Having “pack and go” food or healthy protein bars with you, and you’ll be prepared while away from home.  Drinking the recommended amounts of water and remembering to keep the exercise to 4-5 times a week is really important, too!

Get started arrowMost of all: be patient.  It’s important to understand that the weight loss might seem slow, and not dramatic, but it sticks better this way.

Be the tortoise, not the hare!!

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