Kellie ditched the dieting rollercoaster and lost 13lbs!

From yo-yo dieting to healthy habits, read how Kellie completely changed her life and mindset surrounding food with our nutrition program!

“I saw ounces of weight dropping from the very beginning. My butt was noticeably getting smaller and seeing the results on my personal scale was very encouraging!”

I signed up for KICK START because other diet plans weren’t working.  Prior to KICK START, I’d tried Weight Watchers and followed the plan and would weigh in, but the person behind the counter didn’t know me and I didn’t feel like either of us were really invested in my weight loss.  I also tried losing on my own, but would go right back to my starting weight.  I finally hit a wall where I knew I had to start losing weight.  Diabetes runs in my family and I had gestational diabetes during my pregnancies. My AIC was in the low 6’s and creeping up. I knew I didn’t have any more time to simply think about losing weight.  I had to take action.  Karen mentioned the 28-day program and I knew I had to give it a try.

“During KICK START, I lost 8lbs and several inches! Coming to the studio each week and seeing my lower weight recorded was awesome!”

The easiest part about sticking with the program were the meals— quantities and timing are planned for you. The healthy, “Pack and Go” food list was very helpful since I work full-time. I was never worried about meeting with my coach, Bridget, if I ate more than I should have.  Attending special outings like birthdays and graduation parties weren’t always easy, and sometimes I would find myself overeating, but unlike other diets which would have been difficult to go back to, it was easy to jump back into better habits with KICK START.  My coach was very helpful in offering advice and looking at just a couple ways to get back on track. I felt accountable yet comfortable talking to Bridget.  She knew my story and my goals, and only had positive feedback and specific ideas to help my specific situation.  The process wasn’t overwhelming at all.

“When KICK START ended, I took a month “off”—loosely sticking to the nutrition plan—and I still maintained my weight loss. This proved to me that it worked. The lifestyle changes were becoming a habit, and not a ‘diet’. From there, I decided to join the LIFE nutrition program for 6 months for the emotional support and accountability, and I lost another 5lbs!”

For those considering KICK START, I’d say to give it a try.  Before this program, I would diet and lose a handful of pounds then one poor food choice would derail me (going out to lunch with co-workers).  I would tell myself, “I blew lunch, so I might as well start the diet over again tomorrow” and would overeat at dinner, too.  If the next day was Friday, I’d tell myself, “Start on Monday, give yourself the weekend,” then I would put the weight back on and a few months later try again with the same results.

During KICK START, I had an “ah-ha!” moment…  I was at lunch on a Thursday with a co-worker who had the same diet patterns I was fixing with the 28-day program.  I was waiting in line at the cafeteria for grilled chicken, and my co-worker ordered chicken tenders and fries.  I didn’t say anything, and she must have felt like she needed to, because she turned and said to me, “I’ll start my diet again on Monday.”

“Listening to my co-worker, I realized that she was the old me and I was no longer that person!  My healthy eating was no longer something that I had to actively decide.  It was truly a habit!”

Now, it’s your turn to ditch the yo-yo diet and create life-changing, healthy habits!