Unleash your inner fitness warrior in our Kickboxing classes

You’ll “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” in our  Kickboxing classes that incorporates Title boxing bags.

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Bring it!

Kick your fitness into overdrive as you get into fighting shape with high-energy punches, kicks, jabs, hooks and more!  It’s a total-body workout, boasting exercises that hit every fitness category: aerobic, strengthening, toning, flexibility and balance.Cardio Kickboxing class

Constant motion is the key to Kickboxing’s killer calorie shred.  You’ll bob, weave and shuffle those feet as you make contact with the punching bags.  Recruit more muscles, burn more fat.  Read more about the benefits of kickboxing here.


Why the punching bags amp it up

Kicking Title bag

Beyond giving you a handy target, using punching bags increases the intensity and calorie burn.

How?  Your whole body to gets involved.

From head-to-toe, every muscle group engages when making contact with the bag.  Your abs, legs, glutes.  Shoulders and back; biceps and triceps – everything fires on all cylinders.  As a result of this type of total-body recruitment, burning more calories is a given.

boxing glovesBoxing glove policy

Members are welcome to borrow boxing gloves free of charge.  Or, you can purchase your own set from these online retailers.

Let’s kick it!

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