Corporate Fitness

Enhance your corporate wellness programs by offering fitness classes or a weight-loss program at your office or corporation.  Virtual programs are available!

Make this the year Your Company launches a CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAM with Mid American Fitness!

*Decreases absenteeism
*Reduces health care rates
*Improves employee morale
*Increases productivity
*For every dollar spent on corporate wellness, studies show that you will receive an average of $3.27 in return

A 2010 Harvard Business Review article found that corporate wellness programs, of which fitness is an essential component, can return as much as six times their cost to the companies that sponsor them. Another 2010 review by a separate team of Harvard researchers, published in the journal Health Affairs, concluded that “medical costs fall by about $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs and that absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent.”

Let Mid American Studio do the work for you and provide you with professional, certified fitness instructors.
*We will consult with your HR department to custom-design a program to fit the needs of your employees and company and achieves the goals of your corporate wellness programs
*On-site, virtual, or custom off-site fitness classes or programs at our studio
*Corporate discounts to your employees at Mid American Studio for fitness classes
*Weight-loss challenge programs
*Seminars on weight-loss through healthy eating, effective cardio and strength training techniques, and stress management.

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Corporate Fitness On-Site Options through Mid American Fitness

Balanced Habits KICK START on the Go – Goal of this custom nutrition and exercise program is to educate employees about importance of exercise and a healthy way of eating. KICK START on the Go will help improve body composition by lowering BMI, Body Fat and weight and by teaching participants how to eat properly for their unique needs and creating a workout plan to help them achieve success (individual results will vary).  The program includes:

  • 100% Customized nutrition plan (can accommodate any dietary and medical needs)
  • Detailed exercise recommendations
  • Personal Food Coach
  • Weekly, healthy recipes and menus tailored to each participant
  • Personal nutrition booklet
  • Weekly progress checks
  • Accountability, support, and personal guidance

Group Fitness Classes
All classes will be structured to a 55 minute format, unless requested otherwise.
*Yoga (employees or company provide mats)
*Pilates (employees or company provide mats)
*Sculpt & Tone or Interval XT (Cardio & Resistance Training) – option for company or employees to purchase resistance bands from Mid American Fitness or bring their own weights and mats.
*Boot Camp

On-site personal training
Let our trainers come to your facility before, during (lunchtime) or after work to train your clients on your existing equipment. Each client will be assessed individually at the beginning of their training and every six weeks following. Personal training sessions are paid for through Mid American’s online system and available in packages of 6 or 12 sessions.

Pricing available upon request.
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Contact: Karen Blazaitis ([email protected])