Glutes, Core & Stretch

It's the best booty and ab workout around!

Wednesdays at 9:30am & 6:30pm

We’re bringing you a triple threat class that targets your core and glutes with sculpting exercises, and finishes up with foam-rolling to relax and elongate your muscles.

All about that bass

Glutes exerciseAs the largest muscle in the human body, your booty has a lot of work to do!  From stabilizing and preventing injury to helping move throughout the day – your derrière needs to be strong to get the job done.  

That’s what the glutes exercises in this class is all about.  We dedicate an entire 20-minute segment to your glutes.  Featuring body weight-based weighted exercises, your glutes will get toned and strong.  Bonus: your jeans will love you!

Sizzlin' abs

Bicycle ab exerciseBecause a toned core is about more than looking good in a bathing suit, we’re turning up the heat with ab-tastic exercises that are guaranteed to strengthen your abs.  Our class provides 20, solid minutes of the best core training ever.

A strong core makes completing everyday tasks (like walking, squatting down, reaching up, twisting sideways) easier, alleviates/prevents back pain, and more!

Rock and (foam)roll!

Foam rolling stretchOftentimes, stretching gets overlooked in an exercise routine, but keeping your muscles flexible is an important component to staying injury-free.  Enter: foam rolling!  

We end each Glutes, Core & Stretch class with 20 minutes of deep, total-body stretching and muscle-relaxing foam rolling to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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