How to set up your bike for RPM indoor cycling

Get the best indoor cycling experience!

Before your first ride in the best RPM spin class in the world (yes, really!), our instructors will show you how to set up your bike for RPM indoor cycling. It’s fast and easy to do but makes a big difference for your ride experience. By setting the correct position for your seat, pedals and handlebars, you will improve your technique in racing, climbing and attacking. Better technique, better results!

How to set up your bike for RPM Indoor Cycling:

RPM bike set up for the best spin classSeat height

  1. Stand beside your bike to raise or lower the seat to the height of your hip bone.
  2. When seated on the bike, extend one leg straight and keeping hips level. Your heel should just touch the pedal.
  3. A good seat height helps you generate force.  Too low and your quads will fatigue faster.  Too high, your hips will shift and your pace will suffer – as well as your bum!

Seat fore and aft

best Spin class bike set up

  1. When seated on the bike, bend both knees so pedals are at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock. Your front knee should be in line with the pedal axle.
  2. If your knee is back of the pedal axle, move it forward.
  3. If your knee is forward of the pedal axle, move it back.

Handlebar height

  1. Adjust handlebar height to slightly lower or level with the seat.
  2. Beginners or people with low back problems should have handlebars a little higher than seat height.

Handlebar forward and back

  1. When seated on the bike, sit up straight in the saddle and extend your arms in front of you, like you’re sleep walking. Lean forward from the hips and keep your butt back in the saddle to place your hands on the handlebar.
  2. Move the handlebar forward or back to maintain a 90-degree angle between your upper arm and torso.

After learning how to set up your bike for RPM indoor cycling, you will use different riding positions during class. Here are some quick tips for a great riding technique:

  • Tip forward from the hip when seated.
  • Sit back in the saddle during Ride Easy, Racing and Power Climb.
  • Place hands shoulder-width apart, elbows  in, upper body relaxed.
  • Keep chest lifted, shoulders down and abs braced throughout ride.

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