Fit Barre

Low Impact, High Results.

Tone it up with a workout guaranteed to hit every muscle group and leave you feeling long, lean, and strong!

Take a Fit Barre class!

Ready to tone your arms, thighs, abs and more?  Say goodbye to those problem areas with Fit Barre!

Taught in 45 and 60 minute formats, Fit Barre fuses standing exercises at the ballet barre with Pilates mat exercises to provide a total-body, toning session that will leave your muscles quaking, burning – and changed for the better!

The secret to Fit Barre’s effectiveness at sculpting long, lean muscles is found in small, isolated movements and isometric holds (maintaining a position or weight over time with little to no movement).  By using these smaller movements, each exercise targets muscles at their deepest level, and incorporating isometric holds forces the muscles to remain under tension which is where change happens.

You SO don’t need to be a dancer to enjoy this workout!

While Fit Barre does use some ballet-inspired exercises and movements, this is not a Prima Donna ballet class.   You’ll use small exercise balls, light weights, the Pilates exercise ring, resistance tubing and more throughout the workout.  Throughout class, the instructor will showcase each exercise, providing modifications for all fitness levels.  Each muscle group gets worked with targeted exercises for the glutes, thighs, abs, biceps, triceps, shoulders and more.  Plus, we incorporate combination exercises that work more than one muscle group at a time.  With consistent practice you’ll tone up and get stronger while improving balance, develop better posture and symmetry throughout your body.

Please note: Fit Barre workouts can be done wearing grip socks, clean shoes or barefoot; however we recommend grip socks.

Bring on the Barre!