Fitness Bootcamp: mix it up for the best results!

What is a Fitness Bootcamp?

The variations are many! Most people think of an outdoor fitness bootcamp which is part obstacle course and part military-style calisthenics. Indoor versions often add hand weights and other fitness equipment into the mix. The goal of every bootcamp is to get you to push your limits and burn tons of calories. Why? Because many people join bootcamps for quick results.

Fitness Bootcamp to get results!Doing a bootcamp once a week will get you limited results. So we’ve designed a fitness bootcamp program that will get you short-term results, but set you up for long term success – keeping off those lost pounds. Our program combines cardio, strength training, and active recovery and gives you options so you never get bored. It also gives you choices for time of day and day of week – you’ll never miss a workout because your meeting ran late or your schedule changed.

Here’s the program – choose five fitness classes to attend each week. Two classes must be cardio, two classes must be strength training, and one class is ‘active recovery’, like yoga or PiYo. The best way to get started is to meet with one of our personal trainers for a fitness assessment. The trainer will recommend classes for you and help you set your goals.

Bootcamps can be overwhelming for those who haven’t exercised regularly in a while. Our approach is called a ‘Smart Start’, where you ease into exercise then turn up the intensity as your body becomes stronger.

If you’re looking to prepare for a Tough Mudder or adventure race, we’ve got the challenge you’re looking for! By cross training with TRX Interval Circuit, Tabata Bootcamp, BODYPUMP and RPM Cycling, you’ll prepare your body to tackle the obstacles and endure till the end.

TRX Fitness BootcampHere’s a great article on the benefits of cross training. That’s ultimately what bootcamps are: a cross-training of different exercises to improve your cardio endurance and increase your strength for a leaner, stronger, and more shapely physique.

It’s time to get going! Schedule your fitness assessment now: 248-477-5248. Or, request an appointment online.

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