RPM™ Spin Indoor Cycling

Experience the rush! RPM Spin is an indoor cycling class where you connect with the music for an amazing, high intensity ride.

Your pedals, your pace.

RPM is 45 minutes of cardio peak training that fuses intense indoor cycling with high-energy music to produce an exhilarating workout.  You control the speed and your bike’s resistance levels as you take the fitness ride of your life.  Every.  Single.  Time.

Forget a leisurely ride – your RPM instructor will take you on a journey through flat road racing, rolling terrains, uphill climbs and downhill surges.  Match your energy to the beat of the music, find your pace and let your pedals fly!  Every track includes short bursts of intensity to boost your cardio fitness and create changes in your body composition (e.g. sculpted leg muscles, toned arms, a stronger core).

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Les Mill RPMWhy RPM Spin Indoor Cycling is Lit

Created by Les Mills (the producer of many world class fitness programs such as BodyPump), RPM harnesses the power of music to create a dynamic indoor spin workout by syncing insane choreography to killer beats.  Find your perfect rhythm as you pedal it out – challenging yourself to push harder, faster and longer each time you take a ride.  This heart-pumpin’, legs-screamin’, calorie-shreddin’ spin experience is designed to transform your body and blow your mind.

While we’re grinding it out in our RPM zone, we can’t forget about all of the important fitness-y stuff… Sorry guys.

Enter your RPM instructor – they’re more than just a pretty face and bike setter-upper.  During class, they’ll provide Yoda-like encouragement and important cues as you ride, to make sure you’re down with P.R.P. (Position, Resistance and Pace) to achieve your best fitness results ever.  Yeah, you know us.

  • Position is our program-specific pedaling positions such as Ride Easy, Racing and Standing Climb.
  • Resistance is how hard the racing or standing climb feels to you. You’ll first determine your base resistance then increase it for racing, attacks and climbing positions.
  • Pace is slow, medium, fast or on the beat (aka movin’ like a jagger).  Find your pace using the rhythms and tempos of the music, then ride it out.

BONUS: Every three months there’s a new RPM launch (par-tay!) with new music (get funk-kay) and new choreography (not that funky)!