TRX Interval Circuit

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One class.  A total-body workout that’ll have you burning crazy calories long after the sweating ends.

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What’s TRX?

First: We’re SO glad you asked!  Second: It’s one of the best exercises ever.  No joke.

TRX Suspension Training uses anchored straps to perform a variety of super-customizable, body weight exercises for a total-body calorie shred.  Push-ups, planks, bicep/tricep curls, squats, cardio drills and more are all possible using the TRX.

Hands in straps.  Feet in straps.  We like to have fun around here.  Since the TRX uses your body weight in every exercise, you train functionally; meaning exercises done using the TRX improves the mobility, stability and strength that you need in everyday life.  Heft groceries with no back strain (hello, stronger core!).  Run after your kiddos or grandkiddos without knee pain (nice to meet you, toned glutes!).  Sail down the slopes without getting winded (oh, be still my healthy heart).  TRX is one the of best pieces of exercise equipment to help make all of that possible.  Learn more about the benefits of TRX Suspension Training here.

Explain the “circuit”, please.

Simple.  The circuits in this class incorporate weights, Bosu and slam balls, Title boxing bags, plyometric cardio moves and to give you the best workout ever.

Why circuit training is awesome

Variety is the key!

With circuit training, each exercise station challenges you to work a different muscle group.  The rotations from strength training to cardio to toning to “enter your favorite exercise move here”, not only keeps things interesting – it also ensures that you get a total-body workout.  The more muscles you recruit, the more calories you shred.  And you definitely want that calorie shred because: goodbye fat!

Hop on the circuit and see results!

Build a stronger, healthier you with TRX Interval Circuit every Tuesday at 6:35pm and Saturday at 9:30am!

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Can’t get enough TRX?

Check out our TRX+Glutes Circuit class every Wednesday at 9:30am!