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Wellness Coaching Prices

Initial Wellness Consultation

15 minutes


Foundations Wellness Session
*after the free consult*

75 minute session


Signature Wellness Program

Six, 30-45 minute sessions
(bi-weekly or weekly)



What is Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching provides guidance, offers accountability, and addresses barriers to help people build confidence and long-term, sustainable change.  Wellness coaches partner with, motivate and support people, with a self-empowered and personalized wellness blueprint, so they can find relief and have more vitality and resilience.

Who can benefit from Wellness Coaching?

Wellness Coaching is for individuals who want to make a lasting change in their physical, mental, and/or emotional health.  Partner with our certified Health & Wellness Coach, Nadene, to discover new ways to improve your lifestyle and be guided along the path to success. As they partner with you to identify your wellness vision, goals, motivators and strategies, you will be empowered to transform into the best version of you.  Let Wellness Coaching help you to create your vision, decrease your stress, and enjoy the benefits of living a healthy, well balanced lifestyle!

Here are just a few situations that Wellness Coaching can help:

  • You have a newly diagnosed medical condition that requires lifestyle changes, such as diabetes
  • You have other medical conditions such as anxiety or stress and you want to find relief
  • You are tired of feeling tired and want more energy throughout the day
  • You want to prevent an illness or injury from getting worse
  • Your work-life balance is feeling out of control
  • You want to eliminate the confusion that comes with diet trends and health overhauls
  • You consistently run out of time to do the things you want or care about
  • You have tried to make a change in your health in the past, and are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or confused

Meet Our Health & Wellness Coach!


Nadene is a certified Wellness Coach and busy mom who understands that life can be a struggle at times.  As your coach her goal is to work with you to provide the support and tools you need to live your best life.  She came to coaching after several years of wearing the expert hat with clients, and noted how shifting the focus to a client’s  successes, capabilities, and aspirations, lead to increased optimism, positive emotions and eventually change. Nadene loves helping people live a happier and more fulfilled life.  In her free time, Nadene is an avid a jogger, hiker, foodie and traveler; her favorite night of the week is game night where she often gets in some good laughs!   She has over 25 years experience in the Fitness Industry and holds degrees in Kinesiology & Health Science and Sociology from York University and the University of Toronto.  In addition, she’s also a certified Personal Trainer through NASM, a certified Mat and Reformer instructor through Stott Pilates and a group fitness instructor.  Her wellness coaching certification is through Wellcoaches.

What clients have said about working with Nadene: “I sought my first wellness coach when fitness goals I hold dear had stagnated. Nadene’s experience and credentials were what drew me to make an appointment. Through the personalized coaching and training that followed I came to understand I was overwhelmed with the many responsibilities and moving pieces in my life. I needed  support and guidance to regroup and received that with Nadene.” ~Carol

This is your time!  Regain confidence, and find balance and wholeness in your life!

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