Meet Our Team

We love what we do!

Our fitness instructors and staff are dedicated to empowering all of our members to unlock the best version of themselves.

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A lifelong wellness enthusiast, Karen is also a fitness instructor, certified nutrition coach, and TRX-qualified trainer. She opened the studio in 2002 with the goal of providing a welcoming, inclusive community where people of all fitness levels can come to connect, get active, and feel their best. With a hands-on approach, Karen is committed to providing a personal wellness experience that enables every member to feel empowered and motivated to reach their potential.
Helping our members achieve results is Symonne's #1 goal! With a Master's Degree in Sports Management from Western Michigan University, she understands the important role that wellness plays in living a happy and fulfilled life. On a daily basis, she enjoys getting to know our clients on a personal level and ensuring that our wellness and training options are tailored to help our community thrive.
With more than 30 years of fitness industry experience under her belt, Terry knows her stuff! She was our very first fitness instructor/personal trainer when the studio opened in 2002 and Terry has been going strong with us ever since! Her incredible knowledge, outgoing personality, and lively sense of humor, makes every workout as fun, challenging and empowering as the next.
Michelle loves helping our members achieve measurable results. She has 20+ years of experience in the industry and has been a part of our fitness family since 2004! As a fitness instructor and personal trainer, Michelle designs workouts that motivates our members to believe they can reach their goals and encourages them to dig deep and give their all to the very last rep.
With fitness expertise that spans multiple exercise formats, Ericka has been in the industry since 2004 - and became a part of our fitness family that very same year! There's never a dull moment in her classes as she brings high-energy, fun, and creativity to every workout. With workouts tailored for all fitness levels, she encourages members to challenge themselves and be inspired by their results.
Rachel has been a Pilates Reformer instructor since 2008 and joined our fitness family that same year! The foundation of Rachel's Reformer workouts is health and self-care. Combining Pilates expertise with her formal dance background, she creates fun and challenging workouts that encourage members to honor their body and nurture what it can do while pushing themselves to new levels.
Jenny has over 20 years of experience and she's been a part of our fitness family since 2006! With Jenny, no two workouts are alike. She brings a fresh approach to every class and always encourages members to give a little extra. That, combined with her bubbly personality and fun, high-energy workouts, inspire members of all fitness levels to stay active and pursue their goals!
Kavitha has taught yoga since 2004 and joined our fitness family in 2008! With her welcoming and gentle approach to yoga, she nurtures the belief that every body is a yoga body, and brings that truth to each class by catering to all fitness levels. Through movement and discovery, she encourages members to find confidence and lightness in each yoga sequence, and to carry that spark everywhere.
Sara introduced WERQ to our studio in 2014 and we've been WERQin' it with her ever since. She first encountered WERQ while visiting her sister in Chicago and knew the Metro Detroit area needed such a fun WERQout! With her bubbly personality, contagious smile, and encouraging attitude can turn even the most hesitant person into a full-blown WERQaholic!
Erica has been in the fitness industry since 2014 and joined our fitness family one year later! She loves teaching high-energy workouts and designs her classes to deliver deliver a great workout for all fitness levels. No matter what your mood is when you attend to Erica's classes, with her "can do" attitude and encouraging personality, you'll leave feeling energized, confident, and ready to take on the world.
Brittany has been leading Zumba classes since 2013 and joined our fitness family in 2019! Her unlimited energy, welcoming personality, and bright smile transforms each Zumba class into a non-stop dance party that doesn't feel like a workout. She encourages everyone to just move and have fun, and stresses anyone can dance with the motto: There are no wrong steps in Zumba, just accidental solos!
Lizz is one of the friendly faces that our Welcome Desk Staff! She's been a part of the Mid American Fitness family since 2018! As a figure skater for years, fitness has always been a big part of Lizz's life. She's currently working on her Master's Degree in Education, and enjoys photography and creating artistic make-up looks in her spare time!
Wellness has always been important to Bridget. She first joined the studio as a Pilates client in 2010, and when we introduced our nutrition programs in 2018, Bridget immediately got certified in the Registered Dietitian-back system. She brings a unique, real-life approach to healthy eating by creating custom plans that empower people to make healthy changes they can stick to for the long haul.
Tasha has been a part of our fitness family since 2012! A Michigan-native, she now works remotely from South Carolina. She enjoys keeping everyone up-to-date on the latest happenings and creating marketing plans to help spread the word about our studio. Thanks to the wonders of technology, she's still able to stay active with us by hopping into our Virtual Fitness Classes every chance she gets!
Michelle has been in the fitness industry for over six years and has been a part of our fitness family since 2014! She specializes in Les Mills' brand of international workouts and thrives on empowering our members to believe that they can accomplish anything. With determination and drive, she motivates everyone in her classes to stay consistent and focused in the pursuit of their goals.
Taylor has been teaching fitness classes since 2005 and has been a part of the fitness family since 2018! As an avid wellness enthusiast, Taylor brings knowledge, tons of fun, and creativity to all of her workouts! She enjoys mixing things up in a way that challenges members to push themselves and achieve better results than they ever thought possible.
Lindsey has been WERQin' it with us since 2017! A love for dance first drew Lindsey to attend WERQ classes and she instantly became a WERQaholic. From there, it was an easy choice to get certified. With a desire to help others have fun and feel empowered while burning tons of calories, Lindsey brings her bright smile and outgoing personality to every single WERQout!
Erin has been a fitness instructor since 2014 and joined our fitness family in 2018! She has a true passion for wellness and helping others realize they can create a healthy, positive lifestyle that will enable them to live life to the fullest. With her fun personality and torching workouts, Erin brings a dynamic and outgoing, "can do" attitude to every class she teaches.
Ashley has been a part of the Mid American family since 2020! She graduated from the University of Michigan in 2018 with a Bachelor's in Kinesiology, with a focus in health & fitness, and plans to continue her education by pursuing a M.S.Ed in Strength & Conditioning. As a former dancer and basketball player, fitness has always played a big part in Ashley's life and she enjoys helping others meet their goals, while getting to know them on a personal level.
Nicole has been a part of our team since 2020! Her fitness experience began in 2012 as a group fitness instructor, and expanded in 2016 when she became a Personal Trainer. A lifelong wellness enthusiast, Nicole has always been invested in helping others. Previous experience as a fitness facility coordinator enabled Nicole to design programs that empowered members of all fitness levels. With an outgoing personality, Nicole brings a fun approach to healthy living!