Pilates Reformer Training

Private & Semi-Private Pilates Reformer

Tone your core, strengthen your muscles, and feel your best with Pilates Reformer private or semi-private sessions!

*No membership fees or contracts – ever!

Improve your quality of life with Pilates Reformer training!

Pilates Reformer exercises have been used for over 70 years to improve the quality of life for millions of people of all ages and fitness capabilities.  From improving overall health and well-being, to sports conditioning, physical rehabilitation, pre-and post-natal, and weight management – Pilates Reformer training has endless benefits.  Pilates Reformer training includes exercises on the Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, and Half Barrel.

Benefits of Pilates Reformer:

  • Tones and strengthens
  • Builds long, lean muscles
  • Increases core strength and stability
  • Relieves back pain by strengthening the muscles that support the spine
  • Enhances athletic performance (Golf, skiing, skating, tennis, dance, etc.)
  • Increases endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Improves posture and alignment by restoring the natural curves of the spine
  • Prevents injury and heightens body awareness

Pilates Reformer for special populations

Not only is Pilates a great total-body toning workout, its low-impact and versatile exercises make it an ideal training program for everyone.  Our certified and expertly-trained Pilates instructors have worked with:

  • Pre-and-post natal women
  • Individuals with chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia and arthritis
  • Those with lower back pain, rotatory cuff injuries, and scoliosis
  • Those who have had hip and knee replacements
  • Individuals with other physical limitations that prevents them from participating in other forms of exercise

Pilates Reformer Introductory Visit: $45

Let our Pilates instructors help improve your quality of life!  The 60-minute, Introductory Pilates Reformer session provides one-on-one instruction where you will experience Pilates Reformer exercises firsthand and our Pilates instructor will recommend a training plan for you going forward.

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Private or Semi-Private Reformer Sessions

After your introductory visit, it’s time to kick off your consistent Pilates Reformer training!  We have two options to choose from: private or semi-private training.  Both are wonderful options, depending on your preference.

We have many clients who choose to train on a on-on-one basis with our Pilates instructors.  We also have many clients that prefer semi-private sessions, where they train with their significant other, friend, co-worker, etc.  Whether you choose to train solo or as a duo, our Pilates instructors experts at creating customized Pilates workouts that are fun, challenging, and results-orientated – for all fitness levels.


Session Type Pricing
Private Session (1 Client/1 Trainer)

60 minute, 8 session package: $480

60 minute, 4 session package: $240

60 minute, 1 session: $60

Semi-Private (2 Clients/1 Trainer)

60 minute, 8 session package: $320

60 minute, 4 session package: $160

60 minute, 1 session: $40

*45-minute Reformer sessions are available upon request.  Private and semi-private packages expire 3 months after first use.  Unused sessions expire and do not roll over.

Get started with an introductory Pilates Reformer session!