Small Group Training “Bubbles”

This program is specially-designed for beginner exercisers and people just returning to fitness!

No membership fees or contracts – ever!

Regain confidence and feel your best by exercising in a small group setting that provides encouragement and support!

Strength, confidence, health, friendship, and more!  Our small group training bubbles provide 45-minute, personalized workouts in a welcoming, group setting to empower and encourage you to unlock your best self!  This type of training is ideal for beginners and those just returning to exercise!

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*Limit one intro special per person. Regularly $120.

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Small Group Training Bubble Days & Times:

Each training bubble meets twice a week within 21 days, for a total of 6 sessions!

Bubble A

Tuesdays & Saturdays at 7:15am

Bubble B

Tuesdays & Fridays at 10:30am

Bubble C

Mondays & Wednesdays at 5:30pm

Bubble D

Wednesdays at 9:45am & Saturdays at 10:30am


Our Personal Trainer, Nicole, leading a Small Group Training “Bubble” workout.

Our Small Group Training “Bubbles” are perfect for people who:

  • Need to start exercising, but don’t feel comfortable in a “big box gym”, and want a more private and welcoming environment.
  • Want to exercise in a small, safe group of people who are there to encourage each other while working towards their individual health and wellness goals.
  • Want to get started exercising for the first time or after a long break from exercise.
  • Are feeling sluggish and unhealthy due to the pandemic, and want to get healthy and feel good again.
  • Need the accountability, motivation, and encouragement of a personal trainer and a scheduled workout program, but are on a budget.

How it works:

  • Choose one training bubble (A, B, C, or D) and stick with it to see and experience the best results.
  • Each bubble meets twice a week (within a 21 day period) for a total of 6 sessions!
  • Bubbles are limited to 6 people in our spacious and private, 1500sqft studio which allows for ample social distancing.
  • All CDC-approved health and safety guidelines, and best practices, are in place at our studio
    • Masks required.
    • Social distancing of at least 10ft between exercisers.
    • Double deep cleaning and sanitizing of fitness equipment.
    • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of studio floors and surfaces.
    • Click here to read more about the studio policies we have in place to help keep everyone safe.
  • Note: There are no physical training “bubbles” involved.  “Bubbles” refers to the small group setting in which these workouts occur.

This your chance to take control of your life!

Unlock the best version of you as you regain confidence and live healthier and happier!

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