The ultimate music-driven HIIT workout. #NotADanceClass.

Sweat to the beat with STRONG’s ultimate HIIT workout class that features music-synced interval training exercises that’ll push you to work harder and see results – faster!


Let’s Get Strong!

It’s SO not a dance class!HIIT workout moves

STRONG is all HIIT, no salsa.

You won’t be shimming your hips to the beat and there are no tricky dance moves to master.  This HIIT workout class is, no-holds-bar, high-intensity interval training at its finest.  STRONG is set apart from other exercise classes because every burpee, lunge, squat, plank, tuck jump and more is matched perfectly to the music.  Psst: we’ll tell you more about why the music is scientifically proven to push you to work harder and more efficiently later on.

HIIT workout punchNow, about those HIIT workout exercises…

You’re gonna sweat, shake and burn – but it’s alllll good!

STRONG combines high-energy cardio intervals with body weight-based strength training moves to give you a killer calorie shred while you get toned and strong.  Your body is the machine, no fitness equipment is used.

Each move is designed to engage your entire body, burning more calories as it targets multiple muscle groups at a time.  Your core, arms, legs, glutes and everything in between will be challenged as you move throughout the class.  Exercise moves are progressive, meaning multiple variations are offered to ensure that all fitness levels get an amazing workout.

Why STRONG’s Synced Music Motivation will push you to work harder – guaranteed.

HIIT workout squat

Here’s the skinny…

Studies have shown that exercisers who listen to music increase their effort output without noticing it.  You read that right: they worked harder and burned more calories without realizing that they stepped up their game.  That’s the power of music when you exercise!

Now, imagine if every exercise move was perfectly matched to a beat.  You’d become a superhuman, exercising machine – that’s what STRONG’s HIIT workout is all about.

If you’re feeling extra nerdy, here’s an article from the Scientific American that breaks down how music is proven to workout harder and more efficiently.

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