Nutrition & Weight Loss Program

Learn to eat clean and balance your workouts in our nutrition and weight loss program!

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Healthy Living AppleOur Fat Blast Challenges combine everything you need to rev up your healthy living journey:

  • Unlimited fitness classes during the Challenge
  • A special, weekly Challenge class for participants (followed by a healthy snack)
  • Daily motivation, progress checks and more with the Challenge leader, Kim, using MYZONEMyFitnessPal or Facebook
  • Comprehensive nutrition guides, recipes and more from a Registered Dietitian
  • Fitness assessments to track your progress
  • A MYZONE belt to track your sweat equity, calorie burn, heart rate and more – every time you exercise
  • PRIZES for the top three participants who reduce their BMI the most and SO MUCH MORE

How the Challenge works

The Fitness Assessments:  We kick off the Challenge with fitness assessments to set a benchmark for your starting physical fitness level and conclude the Challenge with a final assessment to celebrate your results!
Sculpt & Tone class at Mid AmericanThe Workouts:  We know that consistency is the key to success and the exercise component of our weight loss program will ensure that you get your sweat on.  Fun fact: that’s why the Challenge includes 30 days of unlimited fitness classes:
  • Participants must attend at least 4 group fitness classes (of their choosing) at Mid American every week.
  • In addition to the 4 classes, participants will have a weekly Challenge fitness class/meeting
Heart Rate Training with MYZONEStaying motivated & tracking your progress:  We keep you accountable and connected through daily check-ins with the awesome Challenge leader, Kim.  She’s your go-to gal for questions, suggestions, motivation; she also keeps track of your workouts to help you stay in sync with your fitness goals:
  • MYZONE belt: You’ll strap on your belt whenever you lace up.  MYZONE is a state-of-the-art effort-tracking program that provides real-time feedback when you workout.  Wanna know how many calories you’re burning?  Interested in your heart rate?  Or, how much effort your exerting?  MYZONE automatically keeps track of your sweat equity info – you can see your results in real-time and it also sends you a breakdown of your workouts directly to your phone once you’re done exercising.
  • MyFitnessPal: Here, you’ll enter your daily meals, snacks and will be able to track your calorie intake.
  • MYZONE, MyFitnessPal or Facebook: Kim will connect daily with all Challenge participants using one of these three websites/apps.
Eating clean:  You are what you eat!  We’ve partnered with a Registered Dietitian to create nutrition guides so that you can fuel your body the right way:
  • Healthy snack after every Wednesday Challenge classFruits and veggies in a basket
  • Meal planning guides
  • Meal and snack suggestions along with tips
  • Weekly recipes
  • Comprehensive list of foods to avoid and foods to eat
Celebrating your success!  We wrap the Challenge with a final assessment, party and prizes – all in celebration of YOU
  • The top three participants who reduce their body fat the most will win:
    • 1st Place: One FREE Month of Unlimited Fitness Classes
    • 2nd Place: Mid American Logo Gear
    • 3rd Place: Cool Fitness Swag Bag

The Cost

We have four Fat Blast package options based on your current membership:
  • $125 FBC Package: For members that already have an unlimited fitness package and a MYZONE belt.
  • $185 FBC + MYZONE Belt Package: For members that already have an unlimited fitness package, but not a MYZONE belt.
  • $200 FBC Unlimited Classes Package: For members that already have a MYZONE belt, but not an unlimited fitness package.
  • $265 FBC All Inclusive Package: For members that don’t have a MYZONE belt nor an unlimited fitness package.

Ready to live your healthiest life?

Another Fat Blast Challenge is coming your way soon!