Variety is the Key to Fitness Results!

Mix up your workouts to achieve killer fitness results!

We’ve all heard the phrase, “variety is the spice of life,” and the same goes for your fitness results.

Beyond fending off yawn-inducing boredom, mixing up your workouts prevents plateaus by constantly challenging your muscles and making sure that you exercise every single muscle in your – enabling you to achieve fitness results.  Faster!

Your body will thank you.  Literally.

Stronger, more defined muscles.  Better cardiovascular endurance.  Improved flexibility.  Killer abs.  A passing report card at your next doctor’s visit.  And the beat goes on…

The secret to better fitness results is variety through cross training.

Love cardio?  Awesome!  Check out one of our muscle-burning classes like BodyPump or Sculpt & Tone to get your strength training on, too.

Think Hatha Yoga is the best thing since sliced bread?  No argument here, but you should also throw in a bit of HIIT training like Interval XT or Tabata Bootcamp to get a killer cardio workout that’ll do wonders for your heart health.

(No)body likes to be put in a box (least of all your workouts) and our class schedule provides an awesome mix of cardio, strength training, balance and flexibility, toning and sculpting options to keep you so far out of the box that you might as well recycle it.

Now is the time.  Our studio is the place.  Unleash your sweat equity like never before and reap your best fitness results ever.

With more than 50 group fitness classes offered weekly, plus Pilates Reformer and Personal Training, our studio is a one-stop, fitness smorgasbord designed to get you into your best shape ever.


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MYZONE’s heart rate monitor is a fitness tracker that delivers results

heart rate training

MYZONE’s heart rate monitor will get you in your “results” zone


 MYZONE is a effort-tracking program that uses a state-of-the-art heart rate monitor to provide real-time results on your caloric burn, heart rate and effort output while you workout.  Every.  Single.  Time.


Buy your MYZONE belt today and start seeing results!


How it works

MYZONE beltKiss your wrist-based tracking devices goodbye.  MYZONE’s heart rate monitor seamlessly tracks your progress with every heartbeat as you workout, giving you more accurate results in real-time on our custom-designed, effort-tracking screens and via the MYZONE app on your smartphone.

With MYZONE’s chest strap, you’ll no longer have to wonder whether or not your numbers are reliable.  The feedback generated by MYZONE’s heart rate monitor has a 99.4% accuracy to an EKG machine.

Using color-coded MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs), your personal results have never been easier to decipher.  Each MEP corresponds to the amount of sweat equity you’re putting out during class.

Only in the gray zone?  This must be your warm-up.  Hitting the green?  We see the sweat starting to drip.  Kicking it into red?  Whoa.  You must be in it to win it!   Learn more about MEPs here.

To get in your zone and start seeing the fitness results you want, purchase a MYZONE belt, download the MYZONE app.  And let it seamlessly track your effort while you sweat it out!

Find out more about MYZONE’s heart rate monitor here.


Why you should use a heart rate monitor

MYZONE's heart rate monitor feedbackSweat dripping down your face.  Can’t catch your breath.  Surely that means you’ve been kicking exercise butt.

But, maybe not…

If you don’t use a heart rate monitor, you might be overestimating how hard you’ve been working.  Studies have shown that people tend to inaccurately judge how hard they’ve been exercising which can lead to overeating (“I burned a ton of calories so I deserve these donuts!”) and that’s counterproductive, especially if weight-management is the goal.  And it’s a fact that tracking your progress in real-time is a great motivator to push yourself harder than you normally would because, hey, why am I only in the blue??

Start tracking your effort to see the results you want!


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Get lean with our PiYo workout

PiYo by Beachbody

piyo workoutPiYo Workout

Get an ultra lean and intensely defined physique without bulking up or straining your joints.

piyo workout beachbodyChalene Johnson took the very best Pilates and yoga-inspired moves, and cranked up the speed to give you full throttle cardio, strength and flexibility training – all at once. The PiYo workout packs it ALL into each class so you can build lean muscle mass while you’re burning crazy calories.

How? You’ll use your body weight to perform a series of continuous, targeted moves, that burns fat as you redefine every single muscle. No weights. No jumps. Just hardcore results.

The result? Problem areas become no problem. You’ll get sleek, long arms; sexy, flat abs; a tight, lifted butt; and the confidence that comes from knowing you’re at your best!

>>Learn more here.

Saturdays 8:15am

Sign up now.

WDIV Fitness Friday TRX Workout

Rhonda Walker Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday features our TRX trainers!

Click on Detroit Fitness FridayEach Friday for the next 4 weeks, Rhonda Walker will show new TRX exercises on her Fitness Friday segment on WDIV Local 4. Our TRX trainers take Rhonda through a series of exercises that highlight the great total body workout you can do with the TRX Suspension Trainer.  Check out the Fitness Friday segment each week to see our trainers in action! Then sign up for class!

WDIV Fitness Friday Segment on April 8

Click on Detroit Fitness FridayWDIV Fitness Friday Segment on April 1

WDIV Fitness Friday Segment on March 25

WDIV Fitness Friday Segment on March 11

Links to TRX class schedule and more information on TRX training:

>>What is TRX Suspension Training?

>Class Schedule


2 New TRX + RIP Trainer Classes

RIP trainer

Introducing the TRX RIP Trainer!

On a daily basis we swivel out of cars, turn and rotate to lift something, or pull and push open heavy store doors.  All of these movements require rotational strength in your core. The RIP trainer is by far the best exercise tool to develop core strength in all phases of movement and best of all: anyone can do it!

For the sports enthusiast:  Whether you’re an avid golfer, in a hockey or tennis league, or a summer softball player, working out using the RIP trainer is a game-changer.  By incorporating core-challenging exercises, the RIP trainer will improve your rotation through your swing, increase your stamina and strengthen your muscles.  Improve every aspect of your game with the Rip trainer’s multi-faceted workouts.

For fitness lovers and those in between:  Seamlessly combining multi-level cardio moves with unique strength training exercises, the RIP trainer is total-body, total-metabolic workout that will have you burning calories long after the workout is over.  Attack your fitness goals head on with this awesome, training regimen that is tailor made for every fitness level. 

Rip Training provides a unique mix of core stability, strength, metabolic conditioning, balance and coordination exercises.

We’ve added two new RIP trainer classes to our TRX class schedule. The class will use both the TRX Suspension Trainer and the RIP trainer to give you a total metabolic workout that will get you summer ready – whether for summer sports or summer clothing. You’ll be ready to show off those RIP trainer abs when the warm weather hits!

View class schedule.

FREE Class @ Athleta March 11!

Athleta Novi 12 Oaks Mall free class

Zumba girlJoin us at 9am for Zumba.

Or, just come for the Private Shopping Party 10am-noon!

We would like to invite you to a Free In-Store Zumba class at Athleta Novi in 12 Oaks Malls.  What better way to start your Friday than to get your body moving to Latin & international rhythms in this wildly popular dance fitness class!  After class we are hosting a private shopping event, offering Mid American clients special savings on Athleta regular priced and sale items.  We will have some light refreshments, special shopping perks, and our Studio stylists will be on hand to assist you in your outfitting needs.

*Please wear athletic shoes for the class.

*RSVP to to reserve a spot for class or to receive a special shopping pass for after.

Visit for more details.

Client Inspiration Story: The Grabinskis!

grab facing eachother

Geno and Janine before one of their personal training sessions


Double duty exercises

Before Geno and Janine Grabinski began personal training with Melissa in June of this year, they didn’t have a fitness routine, “unless you count watching The Biggest Loser,” they point out jokingly.  Between running their Farmington-area business, The Print House, and staying busy with family, the Grabinskis didn’t have much free time to devote to working out, but that all changed after attending a Greater Farmington Area Chamber event at our studio several months ago, where they decided to jump-start their healthy living journey.  “We decided to do personal training because we wanted to have one-on-one attention and we wanted to get healthy together,” Janine notes, “We knew we needed to schedule specific times to workout so that we wouldn’t get caught up with work and outside activities because trying to do it on our own, at home, with what little free time we had wasn’t happening.”


Personal Trainer, Melissa Mathews

Since partnering up with our personal trainer, Melissa Mathews, the Grabinskis have been hard at work and it’s paying off.  Geno has lost 23.4lbs and 5% body fat and, not to be outdone, Janine has lost 29.5lbs and 3.3% body fat.  In addition to losing weight, the Grabinskis have noticed increased stamina, the lab results from their yearly physicals came back better than ever and Geno’s blood pressure medication was cut in half!  Their consistent, twice weekly, training schedule combined with being mindful of what they eat has kept them both moving in the right direction: “Training together keeps us motivated, plus we’re both watching what we’re eating,” Geno says, “It’s not like one of us is on a diet and the other’s eating a Big Mac, we’re both eating better.”

Workin’ it out at the barre!

Looking ahead, the Grabinskis are excited to keep getting in better shape as they continue training with Melissa (who Geno says, “keeps it fun even when she’s killing us”) and she’s thrilled with their achievements, too. “They always give their all in each workout and have followed their diet plan strictly. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have a ‘cheat’ snack every once and awhile, but they always log it in their food journal on My Fitness Pal and stay within their calorie limits,” Melissa stresses, “And no matter how crazy life can get, they always make time for 2 workout sessions each week…  I couldn’t ask for better clients!”

With the holidays around the corner and New Year’s resolutions on everyone’s mind, the Grabinski’s have some advice for those looking to start personal training:  “It’s not as hard to get started as you think and it’s very rewarding, if you follow the program.”

Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey with our Personal Training Holiday Special!

Twelve, 60-Minute Personal Training Sessions for $600

($50/session; savings of $120!)

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HIIT Classes start September 13!

HIIT classes start Sept 13 2015 Sign VERSION Black version yellow letterHigh Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Classes start September 13!

Sign up now for HIIT Classes

“High Intensity” means working hard at your intensity level.  In our 30 minute HIIT classes, participants will move at different speeds and may also do slightly different moves to achieve their personal level of high intensity for each exercise. That’s why HIIT is for everyone!

Go hard. Go home.  That’s what HIIT is all about. Research studies confirm 30 minutes can be just as effective as a 60 minute workout. Read our “Do 30 Minute Workouts Work?” page for more information.

Here are the HIIT class formats:

  • Cardio – 30 minutes of cardio exercises and drills. Primary focus is on burning calories and improving heart & lung conditioning.  Reserve your spot for Tuesdays 6am or Thursdays 5:45pm.
  • Strength – 30 minutes of strength training.  You will build a leaner, stronger muscle mass. Primary focus is on improving your metabolic conditioning, i.e.  Leaner muscle mass means higher calorie burn throughout the day. Set your alarm then make your class reservation for Thursdays 6am.
  • Circuit – a 30 minute blend of cardio & strength training using Bosu balls, Step 360 balance trainers, weighted balls, TRX, and other fun fitness equipment.  Be the first to sign up for Sundays 10:30am or Tuesdays 5:45pm.
  • Glutes – 30 minutes of the best glute exercises. You will develop the largest muscle group in the body and counter the effects of “lazy butt syndrome” from too much sitting. Click here to reshape your booty on Mondays at 6:15pm or Wednesdays at 9:30am.
  • Planks and Plyo – a combination of body weight cardio exercises and various forms of planks. You will develop super strong core muscles and rock solid abs. Get in, get out on Saturdays at 8:30am.  With space limited to 20 clients, be sure to RSVP!

For the most body transforming results, attend three 30 minute classes each week. You should work so hard in class that one HIIT class is all you need. They’re designed to be efficient and effective in 30 minutes.

View HIIT class schedule Fitness and Spin Class Schedule Fall 2015 . Sign up. Then HIIT it hard!

 Try HIIT classes for a special drop in rate from September 13 through October 17 for $8.

*Regular drop in rate is $15.  Regular drop in for Students and Seniors is $10.

Couple Workout Together

diane with car

Diane modeling in the 2015 Cleveland Auto Show

As an auto show model, Diane wanted to step up her workout regimen and was referred to our studio by a friend in September of 2007.  “I was walking about 2-3 miles a day, five days a week, but I wanted to take my exercise routine to the next level,” she recalls, “I wasn’t interested in joining a large fitness center – I wanted a smaller studio that offered a variety of classes in a more personal setting.”  Since Diane began working out with us and she’s been reaping the benefits, “I’ve made working out a part of my daily routine.  My body is more toned and I have more energy.  Mentally, if I don’t workout, I feel like I’m missing something.”  And, taking a variety of classes helps prepare Diane for the long days working as an auto show model: “During an auto show, I’m on my feet in heels for 10 hours a day, walking an average of 6-8 miles!  I make sure to take classes that work different muscles [Spin, Interval XT, BodyPump, Sculpt & Tone and more!] and they’ve helped me be able to maintain my weight.”  More importantly, though, Diane knows that being in shape helped in her recovery from a serious illness.  “Two years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I had surgery, underwent radiation and I believe that because I was in shape, my recovery was easier.  I was even able to keep my energy level up by continuing to kursasexercise while undergoing radiation treatments.”

ed in snow

Ed snowshoeing in the great outdoors in early 2015

For Ed, deciding to take fitness classes along with Diane boiled down to needing to make a lifestyle change, “I didn’t workout before I joined Mid American in 2008,” he says, “My blood pressure and cholesterol numbers were on the high side and my doctor wanted to put me onto medication, but I didn’t want to take pills for the rest of my life and exercise is one way to improve your numbers.”  Initially, Ed only attended Sculpt & Tone classes, but eventually Diane persuaded him to try others:  “Having Diane as a workout partner is a real benefit.  She suggested that I give Spin a try.  Initially, I found it hard, but that’s because I didn’t have stamina.  But, I kept pushing and now I really like spinning!”  Ed has also included BodyPump and INSANITY classes into his exercise arsenal.  Along with the group fitness classes,  Ed decided to sign up for our Fat Blast Challenge which proved to be another positive, game-changer on his health journey because the Challenge taught him to make better food choices.  Noting how far he’s come since his first group fitness class, Ed states, “This has taken some time, but I’ve made changes and incorporated exercise as part of my weekly routine.  I’ve been working out regularly for just over six years now and I feel better and younger. I actually look forward to working out!”

kursas 2

The Kursas before Jenny’s INSANITY class on Wednesdays

The individual, healthful changes Diane and Ed have undergone since exercising became a priority extends to their relationship as well.  The couple workout together on a regular basis. “We spend more time together now that we both workout,” Diane says, “Once you get into a routine, it’s fun!  We attend two, sometimes three, classes per week as a couple – it’s like a healthy date night!”  And, when out and about on date nights, the Kursas have also discovered a clever way to be mindful of their portions by sharing a meal when they dine out.  Their vacation times are also a reflection of a healthier lifestyle:  “Now, we love taking our bikes on vacation and finding trails to ride or hike.  And when we golf, we walk just to get the extra exercise.  We’ve taken exercise and brought it into our daily lives.”

Bring your significant other in for a couple workout date!  Here’s a great article about “why couples who sweat together stay together.”