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Cardio & Core

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Core and Cardio workout, Novi, Northville and Farmington Hills

Get the most toned abs ever! In this calorie-blasting cardio class, you’ll burn the fat off your stomach with low-impact, yet high-intensity exercises. Your core will be pushed to its max with targeted exercises such as planks, crunches and oblique movements – all designed to tone your entire abdominal area.

Benefits: These group fitness classes provide cardiovascular training for a strong, healthy heart and burns calories to help you lose weight.  The core exercises will strengthen your abs and deep stabilizing muscles which help flatten your stomach while improving back and spine health.

Cardio & Sculpt

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Cardio ClassesTwo workouts, one class! A perfect combination class, Cardio & Sculpt is 30 minutes of cardiovascular training and 30 minutes of sculpt and tone exercises. This class uses a variety of equipment including hand weights, resistance bands, weighted body bars and aerobic steps.

Benefits: With its dual workout format, these group fitness classes will improve your cardiovascular system and muscle strength. You’ll burn fat and calories during the cardio portion and improve your resting metabolism from the increased muscle density and strength that you gain.