Say “goodbye” to 700+ calories with this no-equipment gym workout!

Combining high-energy cardio exercises with body weight-based strength training moves, BODYATTACK is guaranteed to get you fitter – faster!



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BODYATTACK is functional fitness at its best!

Have you ever thought about the muscles that are working to keep you upright as you sit at your desk? What about when you lift and carry groceries from the car?  Or, play with your kiddos?  These are all examples of repetitious, real-life activities that you do everyday without a second thought.

BODYATTACK incorporates “athletic moves such as running, lunging and jumping with strength exercises such as push-ups and squats” – and upon first glance, those moves might not appear to have anything in common with daily life, but trust us.  They do.

For example, your core muscles are constantly engaged for the duration of the class, which by default strengthens them.  And, since your core is the foundation of every move you make, the stronger it is the better.

But, don’t take our word for it.  Check out this article from Harvard about how a strong core benefits functional movement!

BODYCOMBAT punchWhy equipment-free, gym workouts work.

Weights, spin bikes, resistance bands and the like definitely provide a killer workout, but that doesn’t mean you should sneeze at body weight-based classes.

Taking fitness equipment out of the equation means that you rely solely on your body to execute toning, strengthening, balancing, cardio moves and everything in between. And, that’s a great thing. With body weight exercises, your muscles group are forced to work in concert to perform a move and the exercise possibilities are limitless (which helps to keep things interesting).  Here are 13 reasons to try body weight-based workouts!

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