Weight Loss Program

Together We Can Get Results!

Do you need help or someone to hold you accountable to achieve your weight loss goals? We’ve designed a fitness coaching program just for you. You’ll meet with a personal trainer to set up your exercise plan, set your goals, and assess your progress on a weekly basis.

During your “Fit You” weight loss program, we highly recommend attending 3-5 group fitness classes weekly.  Our HIIT classes offer the best calorie burn and include strength training.  Using high intensity interval training techniques, Tabata Bootcamp, Spin, and Interval XT classes will help you burn calories during and after exercise. Our Tabata Bootcamp offers the newest and most unique approach to interval training that gets proven results. Spin class is an inspiring indoor ride that torches calories and is often a great option for those with knee or back issues who shy away from jumping or plyometric exercises. Interval XT  is a cross training combination of cardio drills and strength training intervals for a head to toe, full body workout.

To develop lean muscle which burns more calories at rest, we recommend Sculpt and Tone class and BodyPump class.  Through strength training, you will improve your resting metabolism – which means improved calorie burn throughout the day – and you will create definition and tone for beautifully shaped arms, legs, and glutes.

Call the studio to set up an informational meeting
We will help you design the right weight loss and fitness program
for your individual goals, schedule, and budget.

*Each program is unique to the individual and the cost of the program will vary based on individual program design.

Watch testimonial about success of our weight loss challenge program

Fat Blast Challenge Testimonial – Mid American Fitness from Zara Creative on Vimeo.

How does it work…

At the start of your first month in the weight loss program, you will meet with a personal trainer to design your program, set your goals,  and complete your first fitness assessment.  Fitness assessments are the key to know what’s working and what’s not.

diet tracker app

Free calorie counter and diet tracker app

Throughout the first month you will track your exercise and diet using a free app.  We recommend myfitnesspal.

A heart rate monitor is also highly recommended to track calories burned during exercise and to train in heart rate zones that burn fat and increase cardio endurance.  There are many great wearable fitness trackers on the market but be sure to get one that includes a heart rate monitor.

Each month thereafter, you will continue to follow your program design and meet with your personal trainer.  Each week you will turn in your exercise and food log to your trainer who will review it and offer feedback to help keep you on track. You have the choice to weigh-in weekly or weigh-in once a month.  Weigh-ins are always private.  In addition to weekly communication via phone, email, text, and other social media, you will also meet in person with your trainer once per month to review your program for changes or updates that will help you continue your progress towards your goal(s).

When you reach your short-term milestones or your program goal, we’ll celebrate it in small and big ways!

What is the cost?

The Fit You challenge is an add-on program to your current fitness pass. Please see our pricing page for fitness pass options.

First month – $175 (includes a private fitness assessment and fitness program designed specifically for you)

Each subsequent month – $140 and every 3 months schedule a fitness assessment appointment $35

We encourage you to sign up for a 3-month minimum. However, you may cancel at any time after the first month.

“Throughout the Challenge, I have learned better eating habits, increased my stamina and I’m getting my curves back in all of the right places! I am much happier and getting my confidence back! If you have five or 45 pounds to lose, this is a great program!” – Julie C.

Get Started!

Email Dana or call the studio to set up your first personal coaching meeting and private fitness assessment:  248-477-5248

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Fit You Program Includes:

  • Weight loss program designed and monitored by a Personal Trainer
  • Monthly personal fitness assessments (body fat percent, body measurements, strength tests, etc.)
  • Fitness & Nutrition coaching and strategies
  • Weekly progress check-ins

Real Results

Results from previous weight loss program participants (after 12 weeks):

  • Most Pounds Lost: 23
  • Most Inches Lost: 22.75
  • Most Body Fat Lost: 10%
  • Most Improved Resting Heart Rate: lowered 38 BPM
  • Most Improved Strength: 5lbs.

Individual results may vary. Average pounds lost were 5-10 lbs, 3-5% body fat loss, and 10-15 inches lost overall.

Train Safely: Please check with your doctor before participating in a weight loss program. A physician’s approval might be required if you are diabetic, postpartum, have a history of heart disease or high blood pressure, are recovering from surgery or have other health conditions that could put you at risk for injury. This program is not recommended for pregnant women.

Our studio location is ideal for those interested in a weight loss program in or near Farmington, Farmington Hills, Northville, Novi, Livonia and Southfield.