We all want to know: What is the best exercise for…

Read on for this answer and the answer to many more frequently asked questions about our studio and exercise.


What results can I expect if I exercise?

Numerous studies agree there are many benefits from exercising. Here are some of them in bold; our comments aren’t “study-approved” but you’ll enjoy them none the less:

  • More energy. Don’t be surprised if you start jumping out of bed, humming a tune, and skipping to the shower.
  • Improved muscle tone for beautiful muscle shape and definition. Take both cardio and strength training classes 3-4 times per week and then be prepared for all the compliments you’ll receive. 🙂
  • Increased strength and balance. Never fear an icy parking lot again!
  • Many will lose weight, depending upon the type and frequency of workouts. Hands down, interval training will burn the most calories: Tabata Bootcamp, Interval XT, or spin classes –
  • Increased flexibility. Gumby will be jealous.
  • Improved cardiovascular health and endurance. Elevators will miss you and stairs will be your new BFF.
  • Regular exercise can help prevent, manage, and improve many health conditions and diseases. Fill your exercise prescription here.
  • In most cases, a stronger core (all of your back and stomach muscles) will help to result in less or no back pain (unless there are serious underlying back issues). Wouldn’t you love to get up in the morning and not think about your aching back, ever again?
  • Happier mood, more balanced and relaxed. Exercise regularly and, yes, double rainbows will amaze you and maybe bring you tears of joy.

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How much does it cost to work out at Mid American Fitness?

At Mid American Fitness, we offer numerous payment options to meet your fitness needs and fit your budget (without contracts, hidden fees, or secret handshakes).

  • Whether you don’t like to make commitments or can’t predict your schedule from week to week, you can always drop into a class for $18. ($13 for students with valid I.D. and seniors 62+)
  • Think you’ll attend one class per week, maybe two? Buy our 10 or 20 class pass!  The 10 class pass is good for 3 months, 20 class pass is good for 6 months.  Bonus: you can share the passes with family and friends!
  • You know you should exercise at least 3 times per week, so do it! Our $82 Monthly All-Inclusive Fitness Package by automated payment is the best value when attending 3 or more classes weekly.
  • Get the whole family involved, even the dog! Just kidding – dogs aren’t allowed, so bring your spouse, kiddos, and anyone you wish was your family to class with you. Family member discounts available.

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How do I register?

Log onto our scheduling software, MINDBODY Online or download the MindBody app from the Google Play Store (search for “Mid American Studio”) to create your own profile, username and password. This will give you superpower abilities… to make class reservations, request appointments, view your fitness schedule, and purchase sessions & class passes all online.


Who can attend the classes?

You can! All characters welcome, as long as you’re not a fictional character, cartoon character, or human character 12 years old or under.  Please note that we do not allow children to accompany their parents into fitness classes – only those taking fitness classes are allowed in the studios.  We also ask that you make arrangements for your children while you exercise as we do not allow children to sit unsupervised in our lobby.
No experience is necessary. We’ll teach you everything you need to know, about exercise anyway.
And, no excuses are allowed for not giving us a try. “I’m too old or out of shape.” No you’re not. Our instructors will show you progressions in each class that allow you to ease into the exercise and work at your own pace.


What do I need to wear and bring with me?

For our cardio, toning and strength training classes, clients wear shorts or workout pants with t-shirts, tank tops or athletic fitness tops, socks and shoes. For our yoga, barre, PiYo and Pilates classes, clothes with stretch work best and exercises are done barefoot or with grip socks.  Grip socks can be purchased at the front desk.

All equipment is provided for you at Mid American Fitness, including exercise mats, all weights, resistance bands and other specialized equipment.

You may want to bring a bottle of water, however, in our main fitness areas, a water fountain or water cooler are provided for clients. Please note that for your safety and the safety of others, water bottles and wet shoes are not allowed on the studio floors. Change into dry shoes after arriving at the studio and keep water bottles in the studio cubby holes.


Sculpt & Tone classHow often should I work out?

Most national guidelines suggest at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise five times a week. You should first consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program. Once your doctor has confirmed that you are ready to workout, we suggest that you talk with our fitness director so that they may recommend a workout schedule that works for you. This will allow you to enter into the right level of exercise based on your ability and interests.  Call or email us to set up a FREE fitness consultation!

What about back-to-back classes?

Members are welcome to take multiple fitness class in one day.  However, we don’t recommend taking back-to-back classes unless the classes work different muscles.  For example, doing an RPM Indoor Cycling class followed by a Hatha Yoga class would make a nice pairing, but attending two high-intensity cardio classes or two strength training classes could overtax your body.  With that said, we leave class choices up to each member – so you can attend whichever class you like, as often as you like.  However, we do not allow clients to attend part of a fitness class and leave that class early in order to hop into a different class.  



What is the best exercise for me?

Many people ask, “What is the best exercise for weight loss?” Or, “What is the best exercise for getting rid of my belly fat?” There are many variations to this question and the answer will be unique to each person.  The staff at Mid American Fitness will be happy to sit down with you and recommend classes that will not only fit your schedule, but help you achieve your fitness goals. You may drop in when the studio is open or set up an appointment with the studio owner, Karen, who are knowledgeable about each class offered at the studio and will help answer your “what is the best exercise…” questions.