Group Fitness Classes

Mid American Fitness offers group exercise classes for all fitness levels!

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Our Group Fitness Classes include:

A total-body, barbell-based strength training class that will change the shape of your body and increase your fitness level – one rep at a time.

Blast fat and get a total-body sculpting workout in our high-energy, body weight-based toning class! Every muscle group will be ignited as you plank, lunge, squat and more to build strong, lean muscles.

Boot Camp
Using plyo boxes, slam balls, battle ropes, weights and more, our Boot Camp classes are a fitness smorgasbord that will have you burning calories long after the sweaty sesh ends.

Cardio & Sculpt
A variety of exercises and equipment will be used to get your heart rate up to your “fat-burning zone” and maintain it there for maximum caloric burn.  Each class offers no impact, low impact and high impact options for you to choose the level and intensity that is right for you.

Cardio Kickboxing
Gloves up!  Get into the best shape ever as you punch, kick, jab and cross in this high-energy, high-intensity kickboxing class that uses Title boxing bags.

Fit Barre 
Fit Barre blends leg exercises at the barre, arm toning with light weights and Pilates core work to create a challenging and effective workout that will reshape your body!

Freestyle Spin
Spin classes are a great way to get a vigorous workout by burning calories and toning your muscles.  Certified Spin instructors will lead you through sprints, hill climbs, jumps and more – providing a total-body, low impact workout for all fitness levels.

Interval XT 
Interval XT is a cross-training class based on the principles of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  HIIT is intervals of high intensity work followed by active recovery.

PiYo seamlessly fuses Pilates and yoga-inspired moves with a quick tempo that’s guaranteed to get your heart thumping.  By incorporating cardio, strengthening and toning moves, PiYo delivers a fluid workout without the use of any fitness equipment.

RPM ™ Indoor Cycling
Put the pedal to the metal and blaze your own trail in our Les Mills-brand cycling workout that features climbs, sprints, jumps and more – all set to the latest beats.

Sculpt & Tone
Sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body using a variety of fitness equipment including weighted bars, free weights, resistance bands and exercise balls to target various muscle groups.

Take your strength to the next level! Using free weights, body-weight moves, and more, this 60-minute class features dynamic exercises that will target every muscle group for a total-body, strength training workout.

The ultimate music-driven, high-intensity interval workout that fuses every move to the beat.

Tabata Bootcamp
This HIIT class fuses 20 second bursts of high-intensity exercise intervals with 10 seconds of active recovery.  With its combination of cardio and toning moves, Tabata Bootcamp classes offer a calorie-shredding, total-body workout.

TRX+Glutes Circuit
Sculpt, strengthen and tone that booty (fast!) in our glutes-targeted fitness class that uses weights, aerobics steps, TRX suspension moves and more!

TRX Interval Circuit
This class combines the body weight-based exercises of TRX Suspension Training with strength training and cardio circuits to get you fitter – faster!

TRX & Tone Circuit
This 45 minute circuit class fuses TRX exercises with total-body strength training moves for a complete, body toning workout.

WERQ is a dance fitness class based on the latest pop and hip hop music.  You’ll forget that you’re working out as you dance your way into great shape with our fun, high-energy WERQ instructors.

Hatha Yoga incorporates a vigorous practice of a prescribed series of postures and Vinyasa flow which is a dynamic flow of breath and movement.

Zumba and Zumba Toning
Zumba is a fusion of Latin and International music – creating a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness system!  Zumba Toning adds light hand weights for a mixture of upper body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps.

Other group fitness options

We also offer Personal Training, Pilates Reformer Training, TRX training as well as weight loss programs.