Spin Class (Indoor Cycling)

Spin class uses stationary bikes to lead you through a challenging, indoor cycling workout that’s a fat-blasting, calorie-shredding good time! Taught by energetic and fun instructors, our Spin classes will take you on a 55-minute indoor cycling ride that mimics outdoor cycling by incorporating hills, sprints, climbs and jumps.  Put the pedal to the metal and ride to the beat of the music as you torch calories.

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What are climbs?

Climbs simulate riding up a hill by adding resistance to your bike. This is a great way to build leg strength and muscle tone, which will help to increase your metabolism!

What are sprints?

Sprints are an all-out, short-term effort at your maximum heart rate. They last around 30 seconds because by the end you should be spent. This is a great way to blast calories and increase your cardiovascular strength!

What are jumps?

Jumps are used to help build strength and balance. You transition from a seated to standing position in one smooth, controlled motion to the count of the instructor. This helps to develop overall strength and timing by using your leg muscles to go from standing position and back.

Spin Class, Northville, Novi, Farmington Hills

Can a beginner do it?

Spin is a great class because you can adjust it to your own fitness level. The intensity of the workout is influenced by:

  • Cadence:do not feel obligated to keep up with the instructor if you are a beginner. Pedal slower if you start to feel fatigued.
  • Resistance:If the hills are starting to get too steep, you can lower the resistance by adjusting the flywheel tension to make pedaling easier.
  • Body Position:Sometimes sitting on a bike seat can be tough on beginners, if your buns start to burn, just stand up and pedal!

Benefits of Spin

Spin Class near Farmington Hills

  • Builds cardiovascular endurance
  • Builds muscle endurance
  • Decreases body fat
  • Blasts calories
  • Strengthens Core
  • Low-impact workout options

For ages 13 and up. Spin class space is limited. Advance reservations are highly recommended. Reservations can be made online or by calling the studio.