Tabata Bootcamp


The best new bootcamp workouts for high intensity interval training (HIIT). You will love the way it changes the shape of your body!

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Bootcamp Workouts best for weight lossThere’s a reason HIIT is HOT, and Tabata Bootcamp™ is the new hit! For years, we’ve been focusing on calories burned during exercise, but new research reveals that we should focus on what happens AFTER exercise is over. Tabata Bootcamp workouts are short in duration and designed to boost post exercise caloric burn so your metabolism keeps burning more calories long after the exercise is over. Tabata Bootcamp™ offers the newest and most unique approach to hit the fitness world with incredible results!

  • Work at your pace in specifically timed intervals
  • Shape and strengthen your lower body, upper body, and core
  • Burn calories to help you shed pounds

tabata bootcamp workouts calorie burnHIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Bootcamp workouts are based on this training methodology to achieve maximum calorie burn in a short amount of time.  Please note – you work at your own pace, setting your own personal “high intensity” level.  All participants will work at different speeds and may choose different levels for each exercise.

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