Personal Trainers

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Feel and look your best with one-on-one guidance from a personal trainer!

We’re in this together!  Let us motivate and empower you!  Our Personal Trainers are here to provide you with personalized workouts to help you reach your goals!

  • Increase your energy and gain confidence
  • Tone and sculpt your muscles
  • Increase your strength
  • Lose weight and shed inches
  • Improve your overall health
  • Boost your mood
  • So much more!

Personal Training Pricing

No membership fees – ever.

Get started with Personal Training: $75 ($105 value!)

Includes a fitness assessment & 60-minute Personal Training session

Train with the best personal trainers in our area! Our get started special includes your initial assessment and first 60 minute training appointment. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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We offer training options for private and semi-private sessions!  Many of our clients train with their significant other, family member, co-worker, etc.!  No matter which option you choose, our certified Personal Trainers will create a customized program that focuses on delivering results!

Session Type Pricing
Private Session (1 Client/1 Trainer)

60 minute, 8 session package: $480

60 minute, 4 session package: $240

60 minute, 1 session: $60

Semi-Private (2 Clients/1 Trainer)

60 minute, 8 session package: $320

60 minute, 4 session package: $160

60 minute, 1 session: $40

Personal Training for Special Populations

First Time Fitness Clients

You’ve read the papers and heard about it in the news, listened to Dr. Oz on Oprah and you know it’s the right thing to do for your body, but you just don’t know how to get started with exercise. Maybe you’re just not comfortable walking into a gym or fitness facility. There are so many questions…How will I know what to do? Will I be too uncoordinated to do the classes? What if I don’t know anyone? Am I too old or too heavy to exercise? Which class or type of fitness training is right for me?

As a first-time exercise client, please call Mid American Fitness and set up a free consultation with Karen. We will give you a tour of the facility, explain to you where the equipment is stored, how early to arrive for fitness classes, where the restrooms are, what to wear and more. In addition, we will explain all of the options that are available to you, whether you are interested in group fitness classes, Pilates, yoga, spin classes, private personal training or a combination of these fitness options.

We will recommend a exercise program that makes sense with your budget and schedule and will help you set fitness goals to achieve a healthy lifestyle and healthy body.

Fitness Clients with Physical Limitations

Do you have a physical limitation that prevents you from most exercises? Are you gaining weight because you have limited mobility or a joint injury that you need to work around, such as bad knees, shoulders or neck issues? Contact Mid American Fitness and set up an appointment with Karen so that we may recommend a personal training program that will work for you. Based upon the recommendation of your doctor, we will create a fitness program where you can participate in exercise with modifications. We will work with our personal trainers to be sure that the program that will allow you to become stronger and leaner while working around your physical limitations.

One-on-one training session

Seniors and Older Adults

Are you looking for low or no-impact fitness program to improve your strength, flexibility, balance and overall health? Mid American Fitness can assist you with that. Through our Sculpt and Tone and Pilates classes as well as private personal training, you can gain strength with weight-bearing exercises and also reduce the effects of osteoporosis. With the help of our certified personal trainers, we can create an affordable fitness program that will allow you to incorporate things that you enjoy doing, such as walking or riding a bike into your fitness goals to help you to become active, fit and mobile. Let us also recommend the right yoga class for you.

Overweight Adults, Teens & Youth

If you are frustrated or embarrassed about being overweight and don’t know where to turn, Mid American Fitness is the answer for you. We offer exercise programs that will help you begin your fitness training on the right foot, while doing exercises that are appropriate for you and your goals. As you progress, our fitness instructors will challenge you to work with varying amounts of resistance to allow you to build muscle, thus burning more calories around the clock. Our Personal Trainers will consult with you to design a program and will also help to motivate you to reach small fitness milestones, ultimately leading to your fitness and weight loss goals, as well as an overall healthier you! That will take hard work and dedication from you, but our motivational personal trainers will help to get you there! Contact Mid American Fitness for your fitness consultation, whether you are an adult, teen or parent of a child who would like to get into shape, we can help you.