Pilates Reformer Training

Women on Pilates Reformer equipmentPilates Reformer Training at Mid American Fitness in Farmington Hills, MI is an innovative system of mind-body exercises that transform the way the body looks, feels and performs.

Using specialized equipment including the Reformer, Tower and Chair, this multi-functional equipment provides finely tuned resistance to accommodate each individual client’s abilities and limitations. All exercises engage the core and integrate all of the muscles of the body for a complete head-to-toe workout in each session. Pilates Reformer training is offered for men, women and teens, and can be modified for all levels of fitness from the beginner to the sports athlete.

New client special:  $45 for your initial private, 60-minute introductory Pilates Reformer session. An introductory session is required prior to scheduling Pilates Group Reformer Classes.

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Pilates Reformer class

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Jospeh Pilates on the cover of Life Magazine

What is Pilates?

Invented in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, Pilates was created by combining Eastern modes of exercise such as Yoga and Tai Chi with Western practices such as aerobics and weight training. “Pilates is a movement technique as well as a lifelong learning process of training your body with an expectation toward health and wellness.” Joseph Pilates believed that since the mind built the body, training the physical self in this way sharpens the mental self, as well.