TRX + Personal Training

There’s a TRX strap for that!  Get toned abs and improve your strength and balance by incorporating TRX Suspension Training into your Personal Training sessions!

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Why TRX Makes Personal Training Even Better

Because everyone wants toned abs.

Incorporating TRX means your workouts are elevated (maybe literally) by adding bodyweight-based exercises into the training program.  There’s a reason for the saying, “TRX is all core, all the time!”  Relying solely on bodyweight forces you to engage more muscles to perform an exercise, with particular emphasis on the core being engaged 100% of the time – producing strong and toned abs.  This type of training adds a “functional” element; meaning the exercises you perform work muscles that you use in everyday life.  Lifting groceries, walking down the stairs, stooping to pick up something from the floor – all are real world movements that we do everyday without a second thought, but that require a strong core to do efficiently.  So, those toned abs aren’t just for show!  A stronger core prevents injuries and soreness while doing daily activities because those super toned abs make sure no undue pressure is put onto your back, knees and hips – which are areas prone to soreness.

So, lace up those sneakers grab a water bottle and get ready for some fun with straps (don’t worry it’s not like Cirque du Soleil)!  You control the intensity of your TRX workouts based on how you hold the straps and your foot placement on the floor.  Challenge yourself and reap the awesome changes!


Why PT is a Great Option for Everyone

Four words: It’s all about YOU.

In personal training sessions, you receive a customized, one-on-one training program that is crafted with your health and fitness goals in mind.  Using their expertise, personal trainers are able to assess where you are physically and help you consistently move towards your goals.

Want to be strongest and healthiest you, EVER?  Awesome, we can design a special training program just for you!  No matter your fitness and health goals, personal training offers individualized training methods that deliver results.  

Need more convincing?  Check out the benefits of personal training on LIVESTRONG’s website.

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We also offer semi-private and group training options!  View our prices below.


Private (1 Client/1 Trainer) Price Per 60-minute Session (Per person fee)
4 session package $240 ($60/session)
1 session $65
Duet (2 Clients/1 Trainer)
4 session package $140 ($35/client/session)
1 session $40/client/session
Trio (3 Clients/1 Trainer)
1 session $28/client/session
Small Group (4-5 Clients/ 1 Trainer)
1 session $25/client/session

Also available: 45-minute and 30-minute sessions. Please call the studio for pricing.